Lowest point in Hog FB history

Worst OL and playcalling in recent memory. Heads need to roll starting with the OC.

Oline yes, but I’m not sure on the playcalling. I didn’t see much personally that warranted a “what were you thinking.” But we just played our worst offensive game this season and Starkel was the main culprit.


Its just bad!

We appear to have only one run play which is a dive up the middle. Our 2 failed 4th down attempts was that very play - which seemed foolish since we were gettin our asses handed to us up front all night.

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Play calling is as bad as I have ever seen in a Hog team

Screen plays would work if we would use them. Boyd needs more carries. A little creativity on 4th and short would be nice

Maybe the worst defense I have ever seen also

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We had plenty of run plays that went to the outside. Most just didn’t work.