Loving what ARMY is doing to UHouston


Could Major Applewhite be having Cotton Bowl Y2K flashbacks?

Excuse the pun: but ARMY is taking no prisoners in this game

My son tells me that game was played about a week ago, with Army scoring around 70 points. So, I quit watching it. No other game on until this evening.

Well Old or not I’m loving it

I haven’t been watching any football

My Razorbacks have been so disappointing I don’t care about anyone else when the Higs are not doing well

But I did watch the Army Navy game

Pro ball I turned off completely because of the disrespect to the colors

That all said - loving how these ARMY players are playing

As long as they kneel I will not watch a single play.
NFL is dead meat to me.

That’s what the SS troops said in 1939

Army out a beat down on Houston. Art Briles the OC at Houston resigned right after the loss and has taken the same position at FSU.
I’m proud the Cadets won. If the whistle would have blown both ways in the OU game they would have beaten OU.

Me too - didn’t watch the super bowl last year will not this year either

NFL is dead to me - more time to do better things

Now I just hope Arkansas gets it’s act together

I missed that game - frankly I didn’t give the Cadets much of a chance VS Paper Clip - I should of watched the game

Service Academies when they are hitting on all Clynders lind ARMZy was today can be a tough team to handle - just ask UHouston

Ok I’ll bite?

Totally missed your point


Two players on the Dolphins have been kneeling all year. Virtually no one else has. If that’s your actual reason, just don’t watch the Dolphins. But if that’s your reason, you don’t understand at all what they’re protesting.

, I don’t have much desire to watch 1500 millionaires moan and grown about the fact that they can’t do everything they want at their job.

Also people do not remember, or have never paid attention to, the fact that this all started because a said player was about to get cut. So the reason, isn’t the reason it started.

I’ve followed Army all year. I have many West Point friends and two of my neighbors are graduates. I guess my 26 years in the Army helps too. But, this year was special. They have had an awesome running game for years, but this year, they showed that they could pass as well. That surprised everyone. And, their defense doesn’t get the credit they deserve. They run hard to the ball and tackle with authority. Just a tough bunch of future military leaders. And, watching the game and seeing the brass and the civilian Secretary of the Army doing pushups when they scored was cool. Let me see, 7 + 14 + 21 + 28 + 35 + 42 + 49 + 56+ 63 + 70, that’s a lot of pushups, particularly for the “old” guys/gals.

When I was a kid, Army had the best team in college football. They were my favorite and in 45 or 46 they had their QB, Arnold Tucker, HB Glen Davis and FB Doc Blanchard all were first tream All Americans. They had a long undefeated streak which Notre Dame broke and I have hated ND ever since. The Army Navy game in those years was a huge game.