Loving the player interviews…

On Saturday I missed the game against TN because I was flying from Indy to Dubai (3 flights over 24 hours). If travel had gone as planned, I would have been able to watch most of the game on my IPad at Washington Dulles. Travel almost never goes as planned. I had 4 hours in Zurich but the watch ESPN app doesn’t work for me in Europe. I did get to watch the post game interviews from this site.

I enjoy Coach EM because he gives serious answers and I learn when he is talking, plus he has a sense of humor - after a win. I really love listening to the players. How can you not love
JWill? In addition to his effervescent personality, he answers questions like a guy with 20 years of coaching experience. If I were in a position to invest in NIL, I would definitely be investing in him. The other players speak very well. They are not all smooth talkers but they all say the right things.

We have a really good thing going with this program. I hope it continues for a long time. Thanks to Clay and crew for providing this content so that I can keep up with the Hogs even thousands of miles away


Good short read. Thought out and laid out very well. You’re making a great point. I might get bombed for this but sometimes I worry how a young kid will represent himself and for the U of A . JWill does it well!

Do you worry about certain kids or all kids on how they represent the school?

Just curious

I know you weren’t asking me, but I will chime in. My opinion may be unique for my generation (age 64). I worry less about the current UA athletes than I do about my own age group. Those of us who are older seem to be less forgiving and more critical of everyone. Most of the young people I talk to give me encouragement about the future. I think if we all spent less time watching the news and absorbing internet content (this forum excepted :blush:), and spent more time listening and talking with each other, we would all be more optimistic.


I bet Danyelle helps those guys. They all come off so well to the media. That is her speciality. Erica way out kicked his coverage.


Ditto to that as I’m usually about 8000 miles away as well.
This board and ESPN player app helps keep my sanity

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