Lovejoy v. HP

John Stephen Jones’s Highland Park team boatraced Bumper Pool’s Lovejoy team, 50-7. Young Jones had 250 yards passing in the first half alone. Looks like they sat him most of the second half. I think Dudley said there’s a chance JSJ is going to the UA. He’s not very big, but the kid dang sure makes plays and has won a state championship. I just don’t know if Bielema’s offense is something he’d thrive in. He’s a very good HS quarterback. Impressive.

John Stephen is one of the more entertaining QBs I’ve seen in awhile. The kid can play. He received offers from Davidson and Jacksonville yesterday. Those are his only two right now.

Yes, Richard. My daughters went to HP last year during the playoff run. And because my oldest daughter was on the HP drill team, I went to about every game last year. Haven’t yet seen them play in person yet this year. He is a very good quarterback. You can tell Romo and others have coached him well. Again, he lacks some size, but has great vision when running the ball. He can run, throw awesomely on the run, and is a accurate thrower. Somebody ought to take a chance on him at the D1 level. Winner.

I love him.