Loved that jump hook Bailey made last night

I was like what!!! That is a shot he needs to keep on perfecting because the number one shot blocker in the nation last night had no answer for it and it was all net, keep working on that Bailey we need a post presence

When he shot it I yelled, “Sky Hook” and my son looked at me completely confused (he’s 22). He said what’s a Skyhook? I just shook my head and tried to figure out how I failed him.


Yes! I believe that’s the first time I’ve ever seen him shoot that shot. I was surprised to see it go in, but even more surprised at how smooth and great it looked. That can be a great weapon for an undersized post player.

Looking forward to seeing more of that!

That was one of many times last night that I emphatically said, “NICE !”

Yes this new generation has no idea what a skyhook is :joy::joy: but it was smooth as peanut butter last night!

I said Wow when he did it. Loved it, and that’s what he can do…this season to help the team score.

I have been telling you that he is playing the position (Post) he played in high school and is in his comfort zone. I know some fans are crediting Muss with Bailey’s improvement, but playing the post post is the primary reason he looks so much better. His instincts are taking over and this sport is played on instincts and not thought through.

What’s wrong with crediting Muss and the staff for his improvement? He has improved.

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Nothing wrong. What I stated is just my opinion.

BTW, credit goes to Muss for playing him at the 5 and recognizing that is where he is comfortable.

Then he needs to front his defender more often and play the 5 on offense, consistently.

Well, my opinion is what’s helped him most is he’s getting more playing time and not getting pulled after playing a couple minutes.

bet you, Bailey is digging the new coach and his new role.

NavyHog had pointed out that he doesn’t play as much in the post. I figure that is a coaching decision to compensate for his size. But he does do his most damage when he is hanging around the basket. That was my point. When he is around the basket, he looks totally sure of himself.

That is obvious,

Actually there is slight difference between skyhook & jump hook shot. But AB seems more sure of himself on both ends of the floor this year. Big shots made and big steals also.

I’d have to see it again, but I thought he skyhooked it

You maybe right

I didn’t see that actual shot. Just stating the difference in the shots. OP says jump hook, others say skyhook. I’m cool either way when they go in.

Bailey is a liability with the ball in his hands at the top of the key! The pass out of bounds behind Sills and the baseline pass to Jones off his feet! He has improved and does his damage on the defensive end of the floor. On offense he just needs to avoid turnovers. When he scores it’s a bonus.

I have to look at it again Jim, but I didn’t think he shot it directly over his head Ala Kareem, I thought he turned and shot kind of more in front of him which why I call it a jump hook. But whatever he did keep doing it because that guy couldn’t block it and it was all bottom

I saw someone else do that as well. That’s why I said skyhook. It just looked more like KAJ’s old shot to me than the turn you mentioned. I’ll have to watch it again as well