Love watching Barford play

Has Arkansas ever had a guard that could finish around the rim the way he does? He may be the best finisher around the rim in the country right now. Absolutely love his game and hope he gets a shot at the league after this season

Barford is one bad man. You can tell nobody wants to mess with him. I like him more every game.

He and Macon have some real swagger. Other than a little by Bobby and Qualls, we haven’t had guys with that type of attitude under Mike. That confidence seems to be permeating the whole team right now. It’s been fun to watch. I hope they can keep it up.

Bardford and Macon are fun to watch I agree. The season will come down to the supporting cast pitching in.
Gafford and Hall will be key as freshmen!
I look for Beard to average about 10 points a game and play strong defense.
Trey may not score in double figures but he will play big on defense and dish out assist. The unknown is how well Dustin and Orlando will do when they return.
The shooting of CJ will be the wild card.
This team should be able to rebound too.

It may take Gafford a little while to learn how to stay out of foul trouble. I think that happens about mid December.
It will be a fun year!

If there is only one man between Barford and the basket, you might as well count it. His ability to finish is amazing. Macon looks improved in that regard too.

Sidney Moncrief

.Alvin Robertson and Lee Mayberry were both extremely good. High praise to be be mentioned with all pro NBA greats Moncrief and Robertson but he looks the part.

Don’t want to hang the Super Sid on him yet, but even I who has always thought Sid was as good as it could get, will say this has a chance. Let’s see what he does in the really big games first. That is where Sid really stepped it up.

I will say, if he reaches Sid heights, you better book the Final Four, and I sure don’t want to go there yet, but that is Sid heights or close.

Yeah, that’s the guy I think of when it comes to finishing around the rim. Don’t think we ever had one better, but Barford is close.

Some of his play reminds me of Lenzie Howell…an all time great in the paint.

Comments: I feel you on this one, Lenzie was a good one none any better 3’ to 10’ out. He was Nolan gravy train in the old SWC

If Mike can get another player to consistently contribute 16 - 20pts a night along with Macon and Barford this team will be very special, and the good thing is we have 3 players two 6’8 seniors and a 4star 6’6 freshman waiting to hit the floor… Mike is crafty he is constantly pushing all of his players buttons…don’t write the third scorer off