Love this team

Absolutely love, love, love this team.

I really thought we had little chance to win this game, but just wanted to continue to see great effort. Definitely got that and more.

So proud of them, and I do love me some Coach Muss


We have a really good coach. We play so hard and so tough on defense. You add 20 points or so from Joe and Jones and we are a pretty doggone good team. Indiana was much bigger than us, but somehow we just overcame that in the 2nd half. We were down 10 in the middle of the last half and came back for the win.

Does anybody play any harder than Desi Sills? His motor is a 427 with 3 deuces.

I give a lot of credit to the bench coaches for getting Mason Jones calmed down after he got the T that also was his fourth foul. It appeared both assistants were talking to him on the bench. And Musselman knew he had to get Jones back in the game even with four fouls. Great coaching by both the head coach and his assistants to get Jones thinking right and ready to go back in.


I think Mason Jones is fantastic - love his game - except at times he needs to simmer just a little when it comes to his communicating with the crowd.

Coach muss said they made a halftime adjustment on their big freshman who killed us in first half. Don’t know what he did but it worked. I know at times it won’t matter and we’ll just be out manned, but nice to have a coach that is ultra prepared and will make adjustments during game.

And before anyone gets their panties in a wad, I’m not referencing our former coach. But am gigging our former football staff.

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