Love this show … stops-lit/

Looks like Lost 40 brewery was one stop.

I will watch this for those two episodes, but I think that guy is nuts.

Guess I haven’t read up on him. Just know from the show.

Why is that?

I like Man, Fire, Food quite a bit. A lot of cool cooking contraptions on that show.

DDD is the best! I do watch Man, Fire, and Food occasionally and enjoy it as well. Both, though, remind me of a line from the Statler Bros, song Flowers On The Wall - “don’t tell me I’ve nothing to do”!

Dudley? You don’t like spiky bleach blonde hair and tatoos? He is a little “over the top” sometimes but I really like the local restaurants he features. They say he will not do a restaurant that has more than one location. He promotes the “mom & pop” owners and I like that a lot plus there are some really interesting and unique food items. They say there is a huge trend of folks planning their vacations around trying out the restaurants he puts on his show.

Maybe you know something about him I don’t?

I am a fan of the show. I have thought he ought to come to Heidi’s Ugly Cakes in Norfork. But Heidi said she doesn’t qualify because she doesn’t make a lot of her items from scratch. Guy does favor places that do almost all of their stuff with scratch ingredients. That is an interesting concept and difficult to pull off. He can pretty much tell if he’s going to like something by the ingredients that are poured into the sauces, brine or marinade. He’ll wince when some ingredients are poured in. Will that work? It generally does for these places.