Love this CSP quote

Another outstanding article today from Tom Murphy about today’s pending scrimmage. Great quote from CSP:

“A lot of times I think we feel like when we hit a guy, that’s when the play is over,” Pittman said this week. “To be completely honest with you, when you hit a guy, that’s when the play starts."

How many times in the past few years have we witnessed multiple missed tackles on the same play! So happy and thrilled to have CSP, Coach Odom and the entire staff on the Hill.


The missed tackles over the past few years—even going beyond CCM—have driven me insane. A few a game is going to happen. You have to tip your cap and give the other team credit sometimes. But, we often seemed out of sync and out of position, which made the missed tackles when we were in position even worse.

I’d be happy just to get back to the point where I can give the opposition credit for a good play, instead of the constant screaming at the tv screen, “WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING?”

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