Love these kids....

They have scrapped and fought all year. The Seniors have stepped up and led them to the brink of the pinnacle of college baseball. The freshmen have been no less than phenomenal. And all of those in between have made big play after big play.

I can’t imagine how they felt last night. None of us have invested the blood sweat and tears like those young men. I feel horrible for each one.

However this comes out I’ll always be thankful for them.

Nevertheless…I’ll go on record that it’s our time.

Go Hogs Go! Thanks guys for all the thrills.

No team deserves to go out like that if you get beat that’s one thing but to have that happen is not right hopefully we will come out and play our best game of the year. Those kids deserve to go out on top

Well said, LD…

I’ve never been more proud of a Hog baseball team. I want them to win it all for so many reasons. One of course is my own selfish desire that my hogs are national champions. However, despite how long it’s been since we played for one in baseball, our program is strong enough that I think we can get back to the CWS with another good chance at winning it all soon. But I’d really like to see this team get one. Every player, especially the seniors. I want it for them.

Not much to add except I agree with all.

Couldn’t agree more, LD. These kids have fought their hearts out all year. It’s a shame for the rotten luck and the way that had to happen the way it did last night, but regardless, this team will always have a place in my heart. They’ve overachieved their way to the pinnacle of the college baseball world. Unlike OSU,they don’t have four out of the top 50 or so MLB draft picks, one of the deepest pitching staffs and maybe THE best pitcher in college baseball like Heimlich, and a storied heritage (two CWS championships, I believe) like OSU. But these Arkansas Razorbacks have hung in there and scrapped and fought their guts out for the last three weeks and made the most of what they do have. No matter what happens tonight, the sun will come up tomorrow and we can always be proud of this team and the coaching staff for the way they have represented us and for going as far as they have.


This team is my favorite and they have been a blast to watch.

This X 100

We all know being a Hog fan is an exercise on constant disappointment. Sometimes we get close and then fail, sometimes we go 4-8. Only two times have we gotten the job done (and I’m not really counting track and cross country, which is a completely different animal): January 1, 1995, and April 4, 1994.

I thought June 27, 2018 was going to join that list until the base hit after Shaddy missed the popup. It didn’t, and that was a kick in the gut. But we get another chance.

Word LD! I’m proud of these boys no matter what happens tonight! They’re playing for a NC tonight, and we’d all have taken that back in February when they started. It’s been a joy watching them play this year and makes me proud to cheer for them!