Love our Razorbacks!

Aloha and Happy Thanksgiving to all from Oahu!
Just wanted to give a shout out to our basketball team and coaching staff. Irregardless of any wins or losses, I LOVE the FIGHT, PERSISTENCE, TENACITY and TOUGHNESS of this team! They well represent the team’s logo and don’t back down to anyone. Shades of the running Rebels of UNLV fame.
I for one love Kamari’s determination in the paint, Trevon’s passion (including staring down SDSU’s coaching staff and bench!), Ricky’s drive and the entire team’s mentality.
They have adopted their coach’s attitude and personality and I LOVE it!
They are indeed mean, tough Razorbacks which losing is not an option.
How bout them Hogs!!! WPS! Give them hell Muss!
UA…Campus of Champions


Happy Thanksgiving, Leo (I still remember Charlie E calling you that)

You nailed it Guy. These guys are so tough and just have no back up. Losing to them is not an acceptable! They are going to be a very tough out all year.

I don’t think anyone who was not there have any idea just what it was like. This is a great tourney.