Love our play calling so far

I have been screaming all year long for passes over the middle in the last 2 weeks we are finally starting to do that we just need to keep it up Bama has always had a hard time covering the middle as most defenses do

Just got to keep the QB up - and that’s not happening lately.

Yes we’re going to have a hard time throwing the ball much further than 10 yards down the field. On the sack fumble if Grady curls in side there’s nobody in the middle of field

We are moving the ball & keeping Bama’s defense guessing.

And we finally see our first wheel route of the year and the guys wide open these players are not hard to run but it makes the defense make a choice and more often than not they mess up even Bama

And a slant route but I’ve been calling for all year wide open. I have said all along this offense to look better if we gave the quarterback throws he can make and give him some confidence all these throws are very simple don’t know why we kept throwing the ball deep the first 3 games