Love or hate Michigan

You have to like their openness about testing and reporting. Now would they have reported had the positives been high?

Brett McMurphy (Brett_McMurphy)

Michigan has tested 322 student-athletes & coaches/staff for COVID & have had only 2 positive tests

Hate them, but glad the numbers were low

We have numbers from several schools. Whether they are all being open, or the numbers are just being leaked, I’m not sure.

Why is Arkansas keeping it all in-house?

Because nobody is pressing them for the info.

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Great early numbers for Michigan, but probably a price to pay later on in season. If there are games, the season will be upside down with upsets created by players being quarantined.

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I agree. However, I think there will be little or no football this year. The numbers are too staggering at this time to give much hope for a coming season.

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I think football is again becoming unlikely. I didn’t think we’d have it until about a month ago then I decided the public outcry for returning to normal was so great that we’d have it. Now, however, Houston is overrun by the virus. So is Phoenix & several parts of Fla. It’s not likely to get better between now & Labor Day because there won’t be another shutdown like we had in March & April. Unfortunately by football season, we probably won’t have any choice but to eliminate large gatherings.

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It is clear that everyone thinks football with no (or almost none) fans in the stand is not a possibility. I get that for some schools, they are already losing money on football (see ASWho) and the idea of having the same expenses but no fans is a non starter, but the Power 5 schools could play with out fans, make some money on TV. I would think the idea of “keeping things going” would be enough, but I am apparently wrong.

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You are not wrong. Power 5 in football and the Power 6 in basketball need to stop letting the smaller schools make rules for them. There is no reason we can’t have football, basketball and baseball seasons for those that can afford to do it without fans. TV would welcome that. For those smaller schools that could afford to do that, maybe do some combining of conferences, for this season only.

What I’m thinking, is that football and baseball, with outside venues, will have a season with fans, but with maybe only 25% attendance, insuring distancing. Basketball, because of inside venues, may have to have a season with no fans. Maybe just coaches’ and players’ families.

I’d be just fine with that.

Well, I could see it with no fans or perhaps a very limited number. A lot depends on player infections. We will see.

ASWho could have their normal crowd and have enough room to have 10 ft social distancing.


you beat me to it, World. ASWho makes its money off big paydays at P5 schools. Their ticket sales are minimal. Their “good” crowds are < 50% capacity. If it’s a mid-week game or the first day of deer season, it’s < 30-35%.

LOL Love it!!!

What neast said. I think it depends on student athlete infection / recovery rate.
It’s a roll of the dice.

Brett McMurphy (Brett_McMurphy)

Notre Dame tested 103 football student-athletes for COVID last week, none tested positive. To date, Notre Dame’s student-athletes & coaches/staff have had 251 negative tests & only 1 positive test

I’m surprised they only had 1 of 251 with 0 of 103 on the football team. Kudos to them for releasing the results

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