Love him or hate him

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Can he do it three times?!

One weird dude who just happens to have a brilliant football mind. He obviously needs to keep his mouth shut and just coach but verbally dressing down a writer is hardly crossing the line.

After watching most of the games coached by coaches listed on here as candidates for the job i am left believing that Leach is the best option. His offensive scheme is a difference maker and all others come up being very vanilla compared to the Leach scheme.

Hiring a head coach who also is arguably the best offensive coordinator in the game is a huge advantage. Hire an elite defensive coordinator and make Lunney an associate head coach to coordinator everything and you have got things going in the right direction.

What has Lunney done to get such praise. He was offensive coord at Bentonville.

Not necessarily advocating for Lunney. More about hiring Leach and then have someone to help him with all the head coaching duties so that Leach could focus on coaching the offense. That Associate Head Coach title was given to Pittman at Georgia so might want to see if he might like that same gig at Arkansas with a pay increase. Adding Leach and Pittman would be ideal.

Pittman style of offense does not coincide with Leach’s. One of the reasons he left Arkansas because he did not like Enos’ offense.

The idea is more about hiring someone who would work with Leach to alleviate the daily workload that goes along with being a head coach so that Leach could focus on the one thing that he does well. The head coach is always going to have the final word on everything and probably only needs an Associate Head Coach if the head coach is the offensive or defensive coordinator. My guess is that Leach would not be very good at anything except coaching the offense.

The reason he left was CBB and his drinking! Not the Enos offense.

I don’t know the backstory on CBB’s drinking, surely he didn’t do it during work hours. How did Pittman experience the drinking, I don’t really get it?

Subsequent to leaving Pittman told several people after departing that Bielema’s personal life “ was a wreck” and that it would lead to his demise and contribute to the demise of the program.

It cost us one 5 star recruit - Dudley confirmed this - and hampered his ability to hire quality assistants, maintain discipline, etc.

Why would Leach need help when he has been a head coach for 17 years. If you have read anything about him you would no that he already gives his assistants a lot of freedom and control over their assignments. He a CEO and calls plays.

I had read that Pitman wanted a more north south offense and thought that Enos was too much east west

Let’s call it a combination.

He was very vocal to us about not liking Enos coming in and in Coach Pittman’s ow words - going East to West and not North and South,

Solomon Thomas, who wanted to come here, but ended up going to Stanford, being the third overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft and now is a defensive end for the San Francisco 49ers.

Really don’t care who the guy is. I just hope for all parties involve the guy wins.

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Some of the BOT who helped get into this mess in hiring CCM may not want Leach’s antics.

Are they an absolutely no? I don’t know.

But if it’s coming down to a chance on a mid tier guy vs Leach, Leach appears a safer on the field bet if you don’t mind a few stray shots press conferences.

I dare say he would put butts in seats too.