Love field, but thought we dropped Star Wars font?

I like the more traditional font thought we were all getting back to classic look.

Maybe my old eyes but end zone font looks like futuristic font?

They are using the wordmark the university trademarked five years ago. I’ve heard nothing about it going away.

I saw a tweet the other day with a shot of the soccer team’s alternate unis: Red jerseys, black numerals, “Arkansas” in the Star Wars font. It isn’t going anywhere. The only place it isn’t is on the DMac model unis.

Hopeful for the long time traditional Arkansas font look. I don’t know who makes marketing decisions for the U but one would hope they consult history and are accountable by name when empowered with random changes like here we go with Star Wars font - what?

As I recall, Nike had its graphics people come up with that font for us. It’s actually similar, but not identical, to fonts they use at other Nike schools (Michigan State comes to mind):

Perhaps when the Nike contract is up (when that is, I don’t know) they’ll revisit using that font.

I’m not sure what “traditional” font you’re talking about. There was no font associated with football until HDN put the block letters on the front somewhere around '05 or '06. Basketball had script letters in the Van Eman era, block letters with borders in the Sutton era, block letters with no borders under Nolan and Stan and Pel until the current font came in during MA. Baseball has had script, block letters with underline, block letters without underline and the A logo, as well as the new font.

Love the font, hopefully it’s here forever.

I don’t care if they use Winding Font, if we are winning.

Traditional font in end zone I’m referring to is the font we seemingly used the last few decades before we went to the futuristic font depicted now.

I understand I’m just not hip. Wasn’t a big fan when we started using it in basketball either. Was hopeful was just a fad.

I’m just old.

I got excited with all the McFadden classic looksthat we were getting away from futuristic font and back to what I would call a more classic look.

But just as I’m not a fan of when marketing changed our logo to that forward facing hog, I’m having a hard time when new intro to futuristic font in end zone.

But love my program and if it’s what the fans want and we can get more fans excited and maybe win some ball games, then mine is just the opinion of a guy who has no sense of cool which I’m sure is true.

Gotcha. I don’t think that was a font choice. I think that was just something that Physical Plant could easily paint on the turf, then turf management when we started that (Slobber Hog was also a Physical Plant product; they had somebody with some artistic skill who basically freehanded it). That started in the Holtz era if I recall.