Love fest / Coming Home

Just wondering, Listening to the radio stations lately from the morning shows, noon shows and Bo’s show, my impression is that these moderators think that everyone is just enamered with getting Gus.

How’s deep is the love and what are the expectations? From a friend, I heard Kevin Scanlon removed his name from the AD list because many in central Arkansas don’t want Gus, especially his employer. I met with two clients who are natives of NWA and the would prefer Lane Kiffin over Gus. Here are some of their thoughts:
We will owe CBB/staff somewhere between $15-20mm. Jeff Long another $4mm. Gus’s buyout $7mm at a minimum. Gus will receive $25mm for 5 years.

What will the fans expect? 8-4, maybe not the first year by at least by year 3. Better after that. If not, how much love will there be? Is Gus comes what are his expectations? It is hard to come home… Thoughts

I don’t know how deep is the love.

But he’s the only current elite coach in the country with national championship game experience, SEC coach of the year honors, top recruiting classes and managing a top program that might want our job.

The money is probably something we’re not paying enough attention to. I could see a combination like you described where we’d be looking at huge sums. I know the Hunts, Tysons, Waltons, Georges et al have enough money to cover all that (& never notice it), but that’s far different from saying they’d want to part with it. Even divided among them & others is very large. The problem of course is that people who underwrite that much money also tend to want to control too many aspects of the way the dept is run.

I want their donations, but I don’t want them giving so much for a specific coach or coming with a bunch of conditions. Jim Lindsey, Jerry Jones, Bud Walton, & Don Tyson gave a lot of money, but they tended to give it without many strings attached. They loved the program & just wanted to help. I don’t say none of today’s donors love the program, but if they’re doing all this just to get “their” man, I’m worried.

Great post.

I’ve been worried since they announced Long’s firing with no real reason other than he wasn’t allowing them enough say so.

Well, now that you mention it, me too.

Even those of us who like Gus are expecting him to win - and sooner than later. His fans may give him a little more time than his critics, but not likely CBB time.

The concern you are outlining is very similar to the problems at UT. The big donor - one Jim Haslam really has his tentacles in the Athletic dept (and indeed the university as a whole). Many believe he was behind the Currie hire, and its pretty well established he signed off on Schiano (as did P. Manning). Haslam’s brother of course is the governor who appoints the BOT, and in fact the gov who is lame duck is now said to be quietly lobbying for the Presidency of UT.

Much of the hue and cry from the fanbase re. the current coaching debacle is targeted at Haslam who think he is controlling the AD, and who likely not allow him to be fired, though that’s exactly what a lot of rabid fans want.

Longs contract rollover wasn’t renew. He was strongly advised to look for other employment. Stadium expansion financially was a total mess.

I keep seeing that said but no proof, can you provide the proof?

I’m skeptical of that, too. I understand all the suites are sold. I have no idea how many of the others have been. Regardless, if there’s been a disappointing demand, I’m sure it will pick up immediately if we win. Besides, some of the people who are willing to pony up millions for Gus can easily cover any shortfalls in the stadium revenues. My lord, we’re talking about $4M for Long’s buyout, something between $5.9 to $15M for CBB & no telling how much for Gus. (Anyone else will surely cost less.). The whole NEZ expansion was to be apprx $160 with $140M to be borrowed and amortized over something like 10 years. The $20M or more we’re spending on old & new coaches is enough to cover a big chunk of indebtedness.

Look before you leap.

Advice that is ageless, unlike me.

Somebody has made a huge wager. I am glad it’s their money and not mine.