Lousy First Quarter

For our women. Can’t throw it into the ocean and down 10.

I agree…

We’re not playing well.

Throwing up some scud misses for sure but we have regrouped and on back on form… Down by 1

We certainly need a lot better second half.

Not our night…:worried:

And we’re not getting it. Ole Miss is playing very good D and we can’t hit the shots when they are open.

Too much standing around and our bigs are getting worked over on defense and offense. Just not playing Lady Razorback ball.

Right now, we being outplayed on both ends.

Our ladies might as well have stayed home playing the way they are.

We struggle against every team with a big post player. Add that with not shooting very well and it’s very hard for us to win. No different tonight. I think Neighbors has been great for this program, but he hasn’t been successful in getting a big post player. If we had size in the post, we could be a nightmare for teams.

From the start, we didn’t look like a tournament ready team…no focus.

I agree about the post player…

That’s been our biggest issue this season, no defense/offense down low.

It’s not in the cards…missed 2 open 3s.

I don’t know who Neighbors has recruited in terms of post players, but he’s got to change how he’s doing it because he can’t win in this league with just great guards.

I agree…I thought the Northside girl was 6’5”.

But is she a post player?

Just not our night

He had signed great players, but none have the size to protect in the post. That is the piece of the puzzle we are missing.