Louisville vs Purdue

Fun game

I like watching players in Cardinal and white play

Looks good

no reason I can think of to watch that game, either the most overrated Heisman Trophy winner in history or the jackass who coaches him

let go man…you will feel better…

Petrino was by pretty far the best coach since Broyles. Only Holtz compares. And yet you seem to be satisfied with what we have now. Amazing. Actually, not that amazing. You likely prioritize winning about as much as the current AD. Which ain’t all that much.

It’s a good game Swine

It’s fun to watch - good football

I live in Louisville and have children and in laws who are grads

I get to visit with team members when they visit my Veterans each year at the VA

Lamar Jackson is a fine young man - and I stress young and a remarkable athlete

Fun to watch

As for the head coach - Yiup - he is the same - your assessment of him is ok

As for Arkansas - we have a good coach trying to overcome a lot of limitations

He is the right manat Arkansas until he leaves no way I ever want CBP back
Btw I have avoided meeting him - in fact not sure if he ever visited my Veterans - I looked for the players not him

I have deep roots at Arkansas too

Multi family members who are Grads of UA Medical School

And a great uncle Who has a field named after him -

Family still shivers at his having to coach FB in 1942 when the star players all went off to war living Arkansas with a 4F football team lol

Arkansas is deep in my blood

Arkansawer by birth Kentuckian by way of the US Army and grandchildren

I’m with Hawgjaw just talking the truth.

It’s an exciting game

I have to admit I’m pulling for The underdog

But I do that all the time except when Arkansas is favored

Purdue is playing tough

CBP is losing his mind - makes me smile

That jackass sure wins a lot of games and somehow (being a jackass and all it’s hard to understand) has ranked teams year after year.

Yup he is a jack butt

Man really liking Jeff Braun right now

He was a QB for the Jack Butt and did a great job tonight

A name to watch in the future