Louisville v TT

13 points scored with 17 to go in the 2nd half. . . . back to back to back games is tough.

The tourney director told Muss as relayed in his presser, “there will be a very good team go home

WRONG :sunglasses:

Louisville played 2 rough defensive teams back to back. Last night if the hogs would have avoided the dreaded TO bug in the first half that game too would have looked like today game against Tech.
What a way to get ready for Turkey and dressing getting beat by the Hogs and the Red Raiders.

Louisville is awful. How did they ever get in this tournament.

They never got over stripper gate.

The Cards are simply a terrible team. Sanctions killed them.

From the Louisville forum:

We will be relegated to ESPN9 or ESPN-

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And then, TT looks pretty salty. Didn’t they lose to Creighton?

The Maui Invitational is scheduled several years in advance. I first heard of Arkansas’ involvement in this year’s tournament six or seven years ago.

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You could tell last night Louisville was getting very tired in the second half and that run of four straight dunks was the result. And if you’re poorly conditioned, back-to-back-to-back is not going to work very well. They had a short turnaround anyway because of getting the losers’ bracket game.

Arkansas guards had a lot to do with Louisville looking awful. We made them look worse than they are.

Not saying TT is not good, they are. They just had the benefit of playing a team the Razorbacks completely broke the night before.

I’m not sure that’s possible.

So they get the loser of the current game tomorrow for 7th place. Looks like that’s Cincy; the Suckeyes are up 11 at halftime. Cincy ain’t great but they stayed on the floor with Arizona. That’s 0-6.

Then #23 Maryland comes to Yum! That’s an L. Then the ACC opener against Miami. That’s an L. Then at Florida State, which was also on an oh-fer until they beat Mercer last night. After the last two games, I could see UL going winless until FAMU comes in on Dec. 17. That would be an 0-10 start.

I remember Mike Price getting fired at Alabama during the summer before he coached his first game, the infamous night with the strippers. I also remember pro coaches getting fired after or during their first season. This might be somewhat uncharted territory for a college team though. This looks like a one year tenure to me. In this day and age of complete roster turnover, it doesn’t seem possible that Louisville could be this bad. This looks like 5 win or less bad. Oregon St only won 3 games last year, but they at least made the Elite 8 the year before

In this day and age, playing Louisville gives an opposing coaching staff a chance to scout for portal prospects. If things progress to an 0-10 start… it will get ugly there I’m sure.

I did not see any portal prospects with Louisville. Maybe there are but I did not see one.