Louisville suspends it's

co-offensive coordinator in the Wake game plan leak.

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It’s the least that should have been done, but given that we all know how Bobby Petrino keeps micro-control over every aspect of his program, to pretend that he knew nothing about this is complete hogwash. But Jurich has already proven that his head coaches, not him, run the UL program. Rick Pitino should have been out the door for the hookers on recruiting visits and/or the affair/abortion episode, but because he wins, he stayed.

Saw something about this matter today that the so-called “Wakeyleaks” episode will only serve to make coaches more paranoid about allowing anyone access to anything remotely resembling a game plan, including watching practice. Translation: Don’t expect Bret Bielema or any other FBS coach to start giving more fan/media access to practice; expect it to be further restricted instead.

ACC fines Louisville and Virginia Tech $25,000 each for accepting info from Elrod, the maximum fine the league can impose, and accepted UL’s suspension of the coordinator; the VT assistant involved no longer works there. Also, Army announced that a U.S. Army official will investigate allegations that the Black Knights got info from Elrod on two occasions.

I agree with you that Petrino is known for keeping a tight reign on his program. But with the checkered past he also is known for and he certainly knows that he is under a media microscope, on one hand I question what motive he could have for approving the using Wake’s game plan. A team he should beat handily without any help.

If his team gets caught and it did, he would certainly know at the least that his reputation would take further hits and at the worst, something like this could end his coaching career.

I just don’t see any up side for a head coach in his position to approve a thing like this.

Jurich didn’t fire Pitino for paying for an abortion or bringing in hookers for his recruits; you think he’d whack BP for merely cheating to win a game?

BP would sell his grandmother to win a game. Even against a bad team. This is entirely consistent for him.

Makes one wonder anywhere BP goes, there seems to always be big drama swirling around him of some kind and the drama varies other than his typical cut throat style to obtain his next job if the opportunity is better.

Coincidence ? I think not.

It’s absolutely not a coincidence. Petrino isn’t the changed man he claims to be. He’s not even more careful about his shady dealings. Between interviewing for the not-yet-open Auburn job and then lying about it, to telling the Falcons owner he was staying while he was packing up his office, to ditch-gate in Arkansas, to this, the pattern’s pretty clear. He doesn’t consider the rules binding on him. And anything he can do to skirt them is fair game. It doesn’t take much to imagine him (or his team) doing anything to land a recruit.

Look, Petrino isn’t the only morally ambiguous college football coach in the world. They are, in fact, pretty common. But he’s one who gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar — a lot. That’s why his programs seem like time bombs bound to go off at any moment. If this doesn’t blow up in his face, something else will.