Louisville penalties -- too much or too little?

Four scholarships, four years’ probation, Rick Pitino suspended for five ACC games, and the possible vacating of 123 wins and one national championship. Folks in Jefferson County, Kentucky, are crying foul. Everybody else is looking at it and saying, this is all they got?

But good old U of L was, as they used to say in NASCAR, downright cheatin’. Hookers and strippers in a dorm on campus to entertain recruits and players (talk about your extra benefits!). Repeatedly. Pitino gets a relative slap on the wrist, claiming he didn’t know anything about it all the while.

And once again, I’m glad we have the AD we have instead of win-at-all-costs Tom Jurich, who now has as his two most prominent employees (1) an abusive, lying, motorcycle riding adulterer (whom we know all too well) and (2) an adulterous, abortion-buying scumbucket who claims he didn’t know about all those lapdances and ho’s in his dorm, arranged by his assistant.

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basket … ex-scandal”>http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/19645627/louisville-cardinals-rick-pitino-fail-once-again-response-ncaa-punishment-sex-scandal</LINK_TEXT>

Ultimate Teflon Man. I cannot believe Pitino still has the Louisville job after multiple sex scandals.

Too little

Great points. We might be mediocre on the field but at least we have an AD who can hold his head high. Sure, we were basically a top 10 program 2 years running and preseason top 10 going into a 3rd, but that was a pretty empty feeling (for me anyway) because I am a person that realizes there is more to it than just wins and losses. I remember a lot of people felt the same way then - couldn’t care less being relevant for the first time since joining the SEC - knowing that Petrino was a bad person (because I’m a good person). Certainly most Louisville fans couldn’t care less about Heisman trophies and national championships for the same reason. Integrity, not athletic success, goes a “Long” way!

(Feel so much better about myself now. Thanks for reading.)

Too much! It is excessive.

Win the right way period! Both of those coaches should not be allowed to mentor young men. I’ll take the coaches we have.
The punishment is not enough!
In the near future we will see North Carolina get a slap on the wrist also!

Too little. If I’m not mistaken the use of professional women in recruiting was a big reason that SMU got the death penalty.

Not that I recall. It wasn’t that what SMU did was so bad. Lots of schools have paid players. But SMU covered it up at the highest levels of the administration. The chairman of the Board of Trustees was a former governor of Texass and he approved the scheme. That’s why SMU got hammered

And since SMU has never fully recovered from the death penalty, you will not see that administered no matter how bad the situation at least not in my lifetime!