Louisville out of Vegas event

Well, Crap. I was really looking forward to a game against a ranked Louisville. Could have given us a nice start in climbing the rankings ladder with a win. That takes a lot of the excitement away for me, unless they can replace them with another ranked team.

That also may cause our AD and coach to want to withdraw?

They are saying they will replace Louisville with a Power 5 opponent and even add four more schools.

Where did you see that? Are they changing the dates? Link?

Thanks. I just read a report that a Louisville spokesperson and Coach Mack said Rothstein’s report was not accurate and all options were still on the table. Mack did say later today that they were also looking into the possibility of a “bubble” tourney, but nothing has been worked out.


Don’t know how much credence to give to Rothstein now. If the SI report is correct and Louisville is looking to put together a new "bubble"tourney with 8-12 teams, maybe we should be interested in that?

I’ve searched all over and not found a single item from MGM or the tourney promoters about any of this.

If Rothstein’s latest info is correct, and they are expanding the Vegas tournament and having it over Thanksgiving week, that won’t work for me. My granddaughter, who is doing her Psychology PHD internship in Anchorage this year, is coming here over Thanksgiving. I can’t miss that.

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