Louisville offers '24 QB Walker White

He’s up to six offers. He plans to visit Oklahoma State this weekend.

Can someone remind me why he is at LR Christian and his brother is at PA? Was it the JHS coaches at PA favored another QB? I vaguely remember something like that but I could be confused as well.

Hey Richard, if you’re at liberty to share any insights on this, is there any mutual interest between the Hogs and young Mr White? Thanks

He attended camp last year. He’s been invited to games. I suspect he’ll attend another camp this summer.

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Walker never attended PA. His family attended elementary school in LRSD, matriculated to LRCA after elementary school for JD and Zach and middle school at Pinnacle View for Cooper (I think) and Walker. Then the oldest three brothers transferred to PA when JD was a sophomore I think. Now I don’t know if the QB room depth had anything to do with Walker going to LRCA or not.

Walker is about to announce another big offer soon. His 12th.

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