Louisville now in last place in ACC Atlantic...

The only thing Jessica Dorrell was competent to do on that job was sneak next door for a quickie. As far as actually doing the job, they turned down many far more qualified applicants to hire BP’s side piece.

These thoughts are particularly interesting considering there are rumblings that Malzahn will be hired and allowed to essentially pick his boss.

It’s a recipe for disaster.

There’s an old saying that you don’t want to know how sausage and laws are made.Add athletic department decisions to the list.

I find the firing of Long and the things people are willing to to overlook in the hopes (and that’s all it is–hope) of being a better football program to frankly be disgusting.

Long gave Petrino a lifeline and he repaid Long with what sounds like the behavior of a petulant child throughout his tenure.

The idea that you have to have a face of the program like that in order to have a good program is a false equivalency.

You can have a really good football coach and program without have a completely detestable HC who thinks he answers to no one.

As a graduate of the UA and UA law school it isn’t just “a line” to me. I do care about the image of the school and the program, nationally.

I completely understand why Petrino was fired. It wasn’t for having an affair. It was for doing it and then hiring her and then being so brazen about it and then hanging his boss out to dry for the upteenth time and going in front of the camera in that ridiculious neck brace and lying.

The Chancellor lauded Long for his handling of it. That’s because it wasn’t just a line. It was important.

And, regardless of what anyone says, I think it played a role in Long being fired. One BOT member (Boyer?) was angling for a vote of “no confidence” as early as 5-6 years ago.

Other than firing Petrino, what “justification” was there for firing Long at that point? There wasn’t one.

And so, now, we are left with a slapdash process in an attempt to hire a guy who will then be given free reign.

These are decisions that will impact the program for years and maybe decades.

I hope that some adults step up and it isn’t the wallet-measuring contest that it sure seems to be at this point.

I’m just saddened in Year 6 that we are still debating this issue. It would be good for those who support Petrino to admit there was more “than a little sex” involved, and it would be good for those who support Long’s decision to admit that Petrino is a very good football coach. And then for both sides to shake hands and go back to their corners!

If & When Bobby Petrino & Brett Bielema have a team ranked ahead of ours this topic will be rehashed on every Razorback related board.

What makes us the adult’s is not being the ones to whine about it. I mean can you imagine the Michigan St. Football board the past decade…

Then you just don’t remember my posts on Nutt and Heath then. Would have been ones on Pelphrey had he gotten another head coaching job instead of being an assistant.

Unlike Clay, I’ve made no secret of my distaste for Bobby Petrino - at least the person he was when he coached here.

Clay went over some of the reasons why.

I have some of my own that I have not discussed and probably won’t.

Great offensive mind. Very good coach. In my opinion, not a good dude at all but I allow that his experience here might have humbled him and given him a different viewpoint on how to deal with people.

But I didn’t cover him any different than any other coach I have in 36 years here. It doesn’t matter if I like the coaches or not.

That’s why I don’t really care who the next AD or head football coach. It’s not job to care, just to report and be fair whether I like that person or not

So what was the point of the post?

To give us an update Louisville’s season at their rock bottom?

The point of the original post was that some of the posters on this board were pining for Petrino to return. They seemed to think that he could do no wrong.

N.E., I agree with most of what you say about the BP situation (I loved his coaching and winning but understood the firing) but I do have a legal question that your background/training can answer. The statement the UA was open to a lawsuit if he was not fired does not seem practical to me. The UA didn’t get any protection from a lawsuit by firing him because whatever his mismanagement of the hiring practice could expose him/UA stayed intact if he was coach or not. If those wronged in the hiring process wanted to sue, him being gone didn’t give the UA any legal protection from said lawsuit. He was an employee at the time of the events and being fired couldn’t stop the legal process from advancing. That’s my question to you. Reading Clay’s article it appeared that BP stepped on the bosses’ toe once too many times and he took the opportunity to fire him. The same thing happened to Long with the BOT (stepping on toes) and it seems ironic both men ended their tenure this way.