Louisville now in last place in ACC Atlantic...

division with a 1-3 mark after a 45-42 loss to Boston College.

Did not see that coming with Lamar Jackson back, but he has does not have enough around him this season

Just breaks my heart :lol:

Can’t be true. He’s about to go to Tennessee and win tons of championships even though he has 1 division championship in 13 years as a HC.

This thread aged gracefully.

Nothing about the thread changes that Petrino was good, here, but that he has underachieved in this go around with UL and he’s bandied about as a guy who will win tons of hardware elsewhere, soon.

All those things are true.

100% agree.

And you and I both know that wasn’t the point of this thread when it was posted.

I don’t know why it was posted. But rather than dig up an old thread once my opinion has become fact and posting a passive aggressive jab, I would probably just say what I had to say to DD and let him respond.

If I remember, he posted it at a time when we were already tanking and everyone was re-litigating the Petrino firing.

But here’s the deal: You can point out that Petrino is kinda overrated at this point and that still not be any sort of endorsement of Bielema.

It can be & is true (and was then) that Bielema went up in flames and Petrino has underachieved in his 2nd UL sting relative to his offensive savant reputation.

That’s especially true if you look at who Petrino has beaten.

I think DD is pretty even-handed. But, if I think he’s off base I just post it instead of a sideswipe. He usually has a reasoned response.

But, I get it. That’s your deal. Just like the gif when Clay was told Long wouldn’t be fired and he essentially was.

You twist the knife and try to embarrass them when, really, they’re just trying to bring good info and reasonable opinions.

and he’s no longer 1-3.

It was not a “the new coach is better than the old coach” post.

That would be idiotic.


They are 7-4 and 4-4 in their conference. We would love those numbers. Don’t hate on Bobby.

It was widely reported when BP left here that many of our players discouraged recruits from coming here because of the way he treated players. I also know he didn’t like to recruit. Many believed he wouldn’t have been able to sustain his early success. Perhaps his record at Louisville is some corroboration of that theory. Certainly Lamar Jackson is an elite player & can be the difference in many games. However, if Jackson is surrounded by mediocre players, perhaps BP’s people skills are haunting him.

Too many “perhaps” here. I’m pretty comfortable knowing BP was a great coach while at the UA.

What was it then?

Good question.

I don’t recall posts like this updating Stan Heath’s South Florida Bulls.

Or when Bobby Petrino was coaching Western Kentucky.

Or an update since Louisville has won a few games.

There’s no question about that, but he made it impossible to keep him. He’s never stayed any place longer than 4 years to know his longterm effects on a program, but now that’s about to change at Louisville. We’ll start to find out if the theory has any substance.

The “Long had to fire Petrino” line has about as much meaning as “Beliema is doing it the right way” garbage. I guess people are okay just spewing out lines that make them feel better or feel smart even though they are just made up.

Long absolutely could have kept Petrino. It wasn’t “impossible” not to fire him. And if he had, Long would still have HIS job - no doubt.

“Arkansas will be the laughing stock”, “national media will love us”, “integrity goes a Long way”, “he had to fire him”, “doing it the right way”… sheesh.

Firing Petrino enhanced Long’s reputation with the national media, but it was a horrible decision for Razorback football. Frank Broyles always put the UofA first, but Long always put what good for Long ahead of what is good for the UofA.

All Petrino did was have a little sex and lied about it to protect his family which all married Alpha males do. So his firing was all about a little sex which to the Christian fanatics is unforgivable. That he recommended his girl friend be hired for a minor job should be a non-issue; especially since she was competent. Most people recommend hiring someone they know. Even in the unlikely event, that should be an issue, his penalty should be no more that paying the UofA the amount of salary she earned and whatever amount, if any, she was paid to terminate her employment.

What this Petrino-Long stuff was about is not having respect for your boss, not believing he could be fired? Who is to blame for that? Petrino for not understanding chain of command, or Long for not making sure it was there from the start. Where did it go wrong?

Or, was it just inevitable. Who works for who in SEC football? Is the coach really in charge of football? Is it his domain not to be messed with? It is with Saban? And, does the athletic director just help make him happy and handle all of the other stuff?

I always had a funny feeling about all of it. Why didn’t Jeff Long know about the mistress and not stop it? Could he have known? Should he have known? Or was it all too late at that point. Probably so. Was football really even in his power? Should it have been?

Or was this one of many things that Petrino did that Long did not like, or believe was in the best interest for a department? I think this is true. That comes back to a boss making him behave the way he should have in all things. Could you?

Can you do these things and survive? Should you?

We know what’s right or wrong. No one disputes whether it’s right or wrong.

You come back to the win-at-all-cost attitude. That one has many saying win, even cheat, because they do that at most of the other places in the SEC that are winning in football. Others say no, no no. Don’t win at all cost. We aren’t going to agree on that. How much is enough? What is too much?

How many times did Long have to apologize for Petrino? Was this a deal where it was finally too much? Did he tell him to stop something and he refused? How many times did he have to fix things?

I thought Tyler Wilson did a good job of explaining the way Petrino ran things, complete dictator. He compared him to Nick Saban. Everyone was scared. The cussings were of great magnitude. Tyler said his father had to counsel him after many practices because of the cussings.

I saw the cussings and heard about many more. I heard about bad language in front of those who should never have to hear it. Some of it was truly amazing in scope and those that were mistreated. You would be horrified, although some of the win-at-all-cost group would just say it is the way a great coach operates. Really? Well, I know some do. Should they?

Tyler now looks back (and has a good relationship with Petrino) that it was tough love and made him into a good player. He said his father had to pick him back up in long phone calls after the daily cussings when he wasn’t playing.

I played for a high school coach (Don Nixon) who cussed me daily. I didn’t like it, but never told my father or mother. I didn’t turn out horrible. I didn’t turn into a maniac who cussed his kids.

I saw Petrino practices and the cussings were daily of all people, coaches and players. The people who brought food could be cussed. Anyone.

Now, I wasn’t treated that way. In fact, the interviews and conversations were wonderful. I talked to him about football and the things he wanted to dive into. He loved talks of the coaches I’d covered with national championships (Nolan Richardson, Frank Broyles, Barry Switzer, Jimmy Johnson and Lou Holtz).

If I needed something, I could get it from Bobby. He helped me do my job.

Did Jeff Long do a poor job of being an athletic director where Petrino was concerned. Probably. Maybe he tried to work with him. Maybe he tried to help him. Maybe it was just destined to break up.

I heard that Jeff went on the school plane to Razorback Club meetings in the early years with Bobby. Bobby got that stopped. Why? I was told because he felt like Jeff was spying on him. I don’t know what was the deal. They should have become friends, co-workers who were working to build something great. For whatever reason, it couldn’t be that. Maybe that was Bobby. I actually think it was Bobby. But should it have been Jeff figuring out a great coach and helping him? I think he tried, but probably gave up after about 50 tries.

It’s an interesting thing, these big athletic departments with coaches that make four times what their bosses make.

You have great egos. Massive egos. And, one of them is making 25 percent of the guy who works for you.

I saw that take a toll with Frank between Nolan. I don’t know if it took a toll between Jeff and Bobby, but it might have.

Jeff raises ticket prices. Bobby wins games and the tickets sell. There is all of this new money. Bobby wants to be able to match Nick Saban in numbers of help. Jeff wants to use it to expand his department. Do they come to an agreement on who gets to spend the money? Probably not.

I could go on and on. Bobby isn’t coming back, at least I don’t think he will. He returned to Louisville. I don’t think he’s coming back here. Jeff isn’t coming back, at least I don’t think he will.

So it’s all kind of drivel now. Probably doesn’t do any good to revisit it. But a lot are, so I gave you my views. Just know if you cuss me, I can handle it. I’ll live.

Bobby Petrino was like everyone of us. The only perfect man was crucified. We all have flaws and strengths.

Petrino’ s flaws are well documented and there is no reason to rehash them now.The fact is that his tenure at Akansas will always be remembered for exciting, innovative, and winning football.

I hope that our new football coach will be able to unite the fan base and run a competitive, clean program. Both Petrino and Bielema ran programs that were not under a NCAA black cloud, We don’ need a Hugh Freeze Ole Miss. rougue program.

I feel that if Arkansas gets the right coach, we can be a consistent top 20 program with an occasional top 5 team. We should not be satisfied with less. WPS

You’re saying he had a choice as long integrity & the reputation of the University didn’t matter. I’m saying he had no choice if both were important. To you it might be “just a line,” but that’s simply another way of saying, “I don’t like the decision.” Because only an idiot would think it’s “only a line.”

Well, here’s the problem he faced: It wasn’t simply that BP got caught with a girlfriend. If that were all there was to it, I’d have opposed firing him. But it was a girlfriend he’d just hired to put next to his office for a position that UA policies required making known to the public for widespread application. He prevailed upon Long to allow him to do that. I’ll answer Clay’s rhetorical question about how much Long should have known or done: he shouldn’t have allowed BP to bypass UA policies. (I won’t say Long should have known about an illicit affair both undoubtedly tried to hide.) However, once BP had that motorcycle wreck, he not only lied about his girlfriend, he lied about everything else involving her. She was not only a UA employee, she was engaged to another UA employee. All worked in the athletic dept. By putting her ahead of any other applicant in the job he got for her, especially once the nature of their relationship got revealed, he subjected the UA to potential liability. And Long could not possibly fire her without firing him—because that too would have subjected the UA to potential liability to her.

So did he “have to fire her.” Not if you care about any of those things. If you think he did only to enhance his own national reputation as the other poster does (talk about an absurd theory), and if you think he didn’t do that in consultation with Chancellor Geahart & Pres Suggs, you have two problems. You don’t care about integrity & you don’t understand how something as significant as firing a winning football coach required approval at the highest levels.

Good gosh.