Louisville lost to D2 team today

Lenoir-Rhyne won an exhibition 57-47 today at the Yum! Center.

Arkansas plays Louisville first in Maui.

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Everyone, including me, overreacted to the Texas game yesterday. For me, I never liked playing the game in the first place. I never thought it was worth the risk, and could hurt us in recruiting…i.e. Holland. That remains to be seen. I still don’t think Muss understands how much this fanbase HATES to lose to Texas in anything.

That said, Gonzaga got blown out by Tennessee, and the Bulldogs are ranked #2.

Pretty sure the sun will still come up tomorrow, and we have yet to play a game that actually matters.

Go Hogs!

The old Lou Holtz saying “nothing is ever as good as it seems or as bad as it seems”. You take these exhibition things with a healthy dose of salt. Whether you win by 50 or lose by 50 doesn’t mean jack shitte.


Didn’t one of the Corliss/Thurman teams lose an opener to UMass by about 30?

That was the first game of the 1994-95 season. That UMass team played in the Elite Eight and that Arkansas team played UCLA for the title.

Muss has had a team get blown out by 30 before… happened against Alabama a couple of years ago in Tuscaloosa but when they came to the Bud a little later in the season we spanked that butt by 15…

I got a feeling there will be some serious practice is going on this week and I bet we see a totally different team come November 7th in front of a huge crowd at Bud Walton.


That UMass team, coached by The Squid, eventually reached a, since vacated, Final 4 the next year. Vacated because Calimari is a cheating scumbag, but I digress.

Funny, and not in a ha ha way, how much yesterday’s game reminded me of that UMass game. It was played in Springfield, MA…basically a home game for UMass. At least yesterday’s game didn’t count.

Long story short, even great teams can get their doors blown off. It’s how you react to that adversity that reveals your true character. In our case, we took that whipping and made it all the way back to the last Monday night. I don’t remember, or care, what UMass did after they beat us, but I do know they weren’t in Seattle.

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I thought it was vacated because Marcus Camby signed with an agent too early?

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That may be true, but The Squid is still a scumbag. Memphis…another vacated banner. Seems like a pattern to me.

I think our young guys were kind of shell-shocked at just how physical Texas was. Beard’s team are hard enough to play with experienced upperclassmen, must less with a bunch of young frosh playing their first true college game on the road. I’ll never forget the ncaa tournament game against Texas Tech two years ago. That game against Tech was a 40-minute wrestling match. It appears we came out of this game unscathed with no injuries. That’s a win in my book.

The key is for our practices to be that physical so they will not be shocked by that anymore because they will have seen it every single day. That’s probably why he wanted to schedule this game.

Most of our players will not want to have a review of the game, but my guess it will be reviewed.

I was at the game. We never matched the Horn’s intensity from the opening tip on offense or defense. I was not upset about the final score as I figured going in our freshmen weren’t ready and Muss knew it. It was why he scheduled this game when offered. It was a “Free Pass” to get their attention.

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