Louisville Closer Suspended 4 Games......Harsh?

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it’s ridiculous! some of these upmpire think the game is about them made a fool of himself jumping out there and tossing him like he did…get over it dude nobody there to see him!

Yes. Too harsh. But mostly too sensitive.

Pitching coach for Coastal Carolina got tossed for not leaving the mound when the ump came out to break up the conference.

Suspensions for pitchers are traditionally four games. Otherwise, they will just swap the days for their starts if it’s one day. Only way to penalize a pitcher is to make it four games. I have no problem with that.

The umpire needs a safe room which I’m sure Louisville has close by…

As I recall one of A&M’s pitchers missed our series because he had gotten tossed. Same deal. As Clay said, because pitchers may not appear for several games, they give them a multigame suspension to make sure they miss some time.

Ok we all know the reasoning behind giving pitchers a 4 game suspension.
The issue here is, was it warranted in the case of the Louisville closer?
But for saying “that’s horrible” on a called ball and not even staring at the ump & turning back around to walk back up on the mound.
He didn’t say horrible call and who knows he could have been talking to himself & the catcher.
What ever happened to giving a warning 1st in minor instances anyway?

Whether the guy should have been tossed is another issue, but the NCAA is not going to show up an umpire by saying he overreacted. And once there’s an ejection, suspension is automatic, just like when Kjerstad sat after he got tossed.

I understand the 4 day suspension for pitchers. However, I think the umpire overreacted in that situation. They need to be a bit thicker skinned. I thought the umpire was absolutely right to suspend Kjerstad a few weeks ago, but given the harshness of the penalty, it just seems to me they should cut them a little slack; perhaps a warning. Perhaps just tossing them for the remainder of the current game for a first offense. Something along those lines.

The umpire should have issued a ball warning! The umpire may get some sort of reprimand behind the closed doors but a lot of umpires take a lot of lip and never toss anyone. Other just give out a free toss. It wasn’t right for the pitcher to act like he did and also it’s sorry for a grown man umpiring to toss a player without a warning

The difference with Kjerstad is he dropped the F bomb, more than once, with the ump right there. No way was he just talking to himself.

He may have been warned earlier in the game. We just saw one small snippet of the game where the pitcher said something, but I would venture to guess that that wasn’t the first time the pitcher said something in the game.

Not publicly. But he will be shown up privately. You can’t do what he did.

I’m told that he’d been warned. I don’t know if it was that game or in another game. When I saw the replay, it was pretty clear that he should have been tossed. Yes, the tough part is that it’s four games. But it’s the rule and I don’t think it’s a bad rule.

The players all know it’s a four-game suspension. That’s why the coaches tell them “don’t argue with the ump, let me do it.” There is a good reason.

I’m all for extending the (large number) of reviewable calls to questioning balls and strikes. I’d give the HC one or so per game. If it’s that critical of a pitch/situation the HC can request a review.

I actually think this would make the umpire more accountable; I like having a check n balance.

If he’d been warned, I have no problem with what happened.

Making a personal decision based on this clip alone is dangerous.

I need the history leading up to the event before venturing an opinion.

Gotta know the full story.

I would like to see the NCAA in all sports hold umpires and refs more accountable for their horrible performances! There were some games this weekend where the strike zone changed depending on which team was batting.
There won’t be a replay to a pitch that an umpire makes a call on. When that happens they will start using a track man
Technology to call balls and strikes.

Agree also if previous warning was given in the that same game. If that’s the case why wasn’t that shown or mentioned? He was their closer so I suspect he hadn’t been in the game that long.
Not sure a warning from another game should apply though.
Maybe he has a history of arguing calls or spouting off to Umps, but the HC should have straightened that out long before.