Louisiana LB has interest in Razorbacks

Why not the Razorbacks, CSP and staff seem to be relentless on the recruiting front. WPS

I really want this guy!everything you look for in an SEC LB. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Curtis is an elite talent. His presence on the field magnifies the problems and stress on the opposing QB, that ultimately adds an ever increasing likelihood of a turnover or putting an end to the opponent’s possession. He would greatly help to ignite our recruiting to another level. I could see us finishing in the top ten in recruiting and the snowball would gain ever greater momentum.

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I very much agree with your post

Except size, or will that be added in the weight room? Coming from one of the smaller schools maybe he didn’t have the advantage of a professional weight room, as some large schools do. Right now he seems to be more like a real thumper at safety. You know, one of hybrid types that usually come in at safety and grow into linebacker.

He is LB for sure.no.doubt about it.look at his videos and watch how quick he comes down hill and hard he hits.I would love to have him

No doubt I want him. My point is the prototypical SEC linebacker is about 230 pounds, yet just as fast. He will be at that level within a year after strength and conditioning.

A lot of LB’s come to college at 210-215 and add 15-20 lbs. This kid could be 220-225 by the time he gets here.
He’s 6’2”” now & may grow another inch as well.

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I don’t think he will l have any problem being 225 230 by the time he gets here he’s a growing boy. Probably hit the weights hard already

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