Louisiana cornerback, Razorbacks connecting

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … s-connect/

RD what’s your take on eddie Smith, he sounds somewhat interested.

They’re in good shape. He set up an OV pretty quickly which helps and he knows Scoota and LaFrance pretty well.

What I was thinking, I didn’t get a good vibe watching bush’s Video though. Maybe a visit will impress him and reconsider us. I am kinda stunned on the teams he’s visited.

I think Chavis will help us in Louisiana more than some think. He may not like to recruit as much as some like but Chavis is a defensive ICON and the HS football coaches know and respect him. If he calls a HS coach there will be instant respect in Louisiana. He can recruit on his name and history of putting players in the NFL. What is interesting is that Caldwell is a major bonus as a coach that is respected in the South and especially a recruiter.