Louis Campbell recovering from surgery

My buddy Louis Campbell had emergency surgery Wednesday afternoon at UAMS to remove an old knee joint (replaced 10 years ago) that had become infected after a fall at home last week. The infection was most serious. He’s resting at UAMS and faces a long road back. The device inserted yesterday is temporary in nature and is filled with antibiotics. If he can be free of infection in 6 weeks, he may get a new titanium knee.

Louis is tough as anyone I know. If anyone can handle this, it’s him. He has had two replaced knees. I’ve seen him wade in the river 6 weeks after surgery. That’s unheard of. Walking is one thing, but wading on slick rocks is entirely different.

Louis is to be inducted into the UA sports hall of honor on sept. 8. This will be a tight fit to get him going again by then. He was supposed to move back to Fayetteville (from Sheridan) next weekend. Not sure that can happen. At best, he will get to watch as the rest of us move him!

This comes one month after he fully retired from work. Very tough situation mentally. You think you are ready to enjoy life, but he’s got to regain health first.

I will ask for prayers for Louis and Ila Sue. I know everyone loves them both. Great folks and my friends.

Prayers for Louis and family. I recall seeing Louis headed to the WMS locker room at halftime when he was coaching at SMU (I think). I’ve read a lot from Clay about how Louis is a great friend and a great man. Thanks for the undate Clay and you can be assured he will receive tons of prayers for a quick, full recovery.

Moving from Sheridan to NWA will be quite a change. But a good change.

Blessings to Louis.

Louis is a lot better the last two days, but faces a long, tough recovery. He’ll be in UAMS for another week, then probably move to a rehab hospital. He’s going to be on antibiotics for at least another eight weeks to fight staph. I didn’t realize it, but it was touch and go Tuesday night. I talked to him by phone Tuesday in early afternoon before he got to UAMS and didn’t realize how bad the condition was, and he didn’t either. The folks at UAMS saved him with the surgery Wednesday morning.

Louis went home to Sheridan. The doctor liked the blood work Monday afternoon. So he’s getting home health care to administer the antibiotics through the port each day. And, he’s getting his physical therapy with home health care, too. This is very good news. Earlier on the weekend, it was pretty sure that he would spend a week at a rehab center, but his physical therapy was good twice on Monday. I’m excited about this.

Great to hear.

That’s great news. I hope the recovery goes well and he is able to make it to the Hall of Honor dinner and festivities.