Loud crowds

If you believe this list, we cracked the top 10 last night.

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://itpbaustralia.sportsblog.com/pos … ibels.html”>http://itpbaustralia.sportsblog.com/posts/2547865/top-10-loudest-nfl-and-college-stadiums-in-recorded-decibels.html</LINK_TEXT>

Not only was it loud outside, but the South Indoor Club was the loudest that I have ever heard it. I’ve only missed one or two games since it opened in 2001 and they were not barn-burners. (I missed the Ole Miss game when Hootie was in his first year there, 2008. I was at my 40th high school reunion.)

I found myself wishing I was sitting outside last night. Cool night, good football weather, and loud. Might have to reassess for next year, and certainly for 2018 when the new seats are ready.

How loud did we get? I can’t find it anywhere.

According to Matt’s 3 Thoughts postgame review (pinned above), it got to 117. I figure UA will have a breakdown of crowd noise on the website tomorrow some time.

if you are sitting inside, do you find yourself participating in the noise making even though you know it’s stopped by the windows? Or, do you just marvel at that noise level outside? Is the crowd noise piped in, because I know most of that generated outside is blocked for you. How is it–besides dry, warm and cozy with no wind?

We yell, call the Hogs, etc., pretty much like we would if sitting outside. No jumping up and down to generate noise on the steel grandstands though; it’s not steel and there’s carpet besides.

Noise is not piped in either. There are small openable windows (but way up high; not something I could open unless I brought a stepladder or some kind of retractable arm) that can let in some noise, but for the most part the noise is blocked out by the glass. However, even with that, I could tell that the crowd was bringing it in the fourth quarter.

Saturday night’s noise level was exceptional. And it stayed that way for most all of the game.

That being said, the TD that we scored on the second play of the game vs Bama in 2010 was still the loudest I’ve heard it in that stadium. They probably didn’t have decibel meters for that game, because it would’ve read off the charts. I actually felt the structural integrity of the stadium might’ve been compromised with how the place was shaking. I’d love to hear/feel that again soon.

But I’d put last night as #2 for me, which ranges over all but four games since 1996.

It was loud in the press box. No, we don’t cheer. But it’s open air and you get the noise coming in. Tough to hear the in-house press box announcer call the yard line and the yardage.

I was on the field for the Ramirez hit. The place exploded. I thought it was a fumble. I was looking past a lot of players on the field between me and where the hit happened. But the noise factor alone told me it was a fumble and it was something really good for the Hogs. It was.

I work with the father of an Ole miss cheerleader. Both he and his daughter said that DRRS in the fourth quarter was the loudest stadium they’d been in. The daughter said that she couldn’t hear the cheerleader next to her in the fourth quarter.
Well done, hawg fans.