Lotta mistakes but,

Play hard. Needed 2 TD’s instead of 2 FG attempt’s.

Need a few more play maker offensive weapons bad. One more may have won it tonight. WPS


I will say, we are close, I don’t know what’s up with Knox but we need another go to receiver to go with Burks. We do still waste to many plays.
But we are close. Obviously a perfect offensive line, and a all SEC defense would be givens, but with what we have we are close.
One more playmaker would be nice, I think one is there we just need to rattle his cage or find one. Burks had a nice night need one more.

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I was very pleased by the effort by the Hogs tonight. The players competed, the coaching was very solid, and we played a clean game except for the targeting on Catalon. His ejection certainly hurt our defense, but we still played hard all game and we can still be proud of the Razorbacks.

As CSP feared, A&M controlled both lines of scrimmage most of the game. We did some good things. Burks had another big game, Boyd had 100 yards rushing and Franks made big plays with both his arm and his feet. We obviously need for very good teams to make numerous mistakes for us to win. But we competed and we are getting better.

I think that we have a good chance to win our remaining games (except for Bama). I feel that we have firmly started the turnaround of Razorback football. We will win more games. Even though fans are disappointed tonight, we are definitely improving.

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No doubts

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I’m not disappointed, I’m pleased with the fight that they showed!


Hogs were definitely overmatched on both sides of the line of scrimmage. Hogs couldn’t generate any pressure on Mond and he found the open receivers in zone coverage. Frank’s still played a good game even though he had pressure, we certainly had chances to put more points on the scoreboard but came up short on several drives.
A couple of I’ll timed holding penalties helped to kill a couple of Matabele 3rd downs. The Hogs absolutely have to find a kicker we can count on to consistently put the ball through the uprights, if we had one that would’ve made things much more interesting.
One thing that stuck out was the fact that I didn’t see any quit in these Hogs at any time during the game and that’s a huge change in culture from the last few years.

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Disappointed? Yes, definitely. Not in the team, but the fact I owe a good friend of mine another 6 pack of Dos Equis.

We lost this game on the Offense and defense line. Heart can take you a long way. Heart and capitalizing on mistakes takes you further, but there is a limit.

The coaching is there, a lot of the talent is there.

CSP is on the right track. He just needs a bit more recruiting and maturing in the lines and we are going to compete.

Love this team.


Obviously disappointed in the outcome, but last year or the year before we’d have lost this game by 5-6 TD’s and we’d have been humiliated by half time. A&M had us outmanned on the lines, but I don’t see that being the case with TN next week. I think we finish the season 5-4 (not going to count AU as a loss)

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6-4 then! Count the Auburn game as a freaking WIN. I say we count it in house. Absolutely.

Tough loss no doubt. Was really hoping to end this aTm losing streak. But considering everything was in aTm’s favor ie - given home field, more fans in the stands, talented & experienced personnel at most positions especially both LOS and QB, questionable calls & no calls by ref’s. It was a great effort and no quit in these Hogs Players and Coaches.

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