Lots of smoke

Would be the case for any coach that Yurachek hires, even your boy Helton.

Some are just bigger gambles than others. Can’t deny history.

Well said and I concur. I liked him for the job 2 years ago. But, I like him much more now after his 3 years at FAU. He had a great 1st yr, a humbling 2nd year, and win or lose Saturday, another great year.

That humbling 2nd year followed by a great 3rd year is what totally sold me on him. He didn’t pout, complain, or rant on twitter. He sucked it up, went to work and made it back to the Championship game again this year.

I think he’s a better man and a better coach after these 3 years at FAU.


His oline coach at FAU is an arkansas grad and was on nutt’s staff for a few years.

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If it is LK , or whoever is hired. If we like the Hire or not we need to back him and get this thing turned around, since we are scrapping the bottom of the barrel.


Hell Helton is 40 and 21 with full scholarships in 6 seasons not much difference between Kiffins 28 and 15 on probation and scholarship reduction

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Kirby Smart from Bama to Georgia
Jeremy Pruitt from Bama to Tennessee
Kiffin from Bama to FAU. Why?

What about Kiffin when was at Tennessee and Oakland?

Those are both first time head coaches. Let us see where they wind up if/when they get fired.

Kiffin was not a first time head coach when he left Bama as an OC, and he found up in FAU. Smart and Pruitt were coordinators and went to SEC head jobs. Not any SEC head jobs, but Georgia and Tennessee.

Bama obviously has been more successful in getting their defensive coordinators promoted to head coaching jobs. They currently have the other fired USC coach as their coordinator now, Sarkisian. Before Lane it was Jim McIlwain, who got the Colorado St. job, and before him it was Doug Nussmeier. Before Kirby Smart, Kevin Steele was the DC.

And after Smart was Pruitt, correct? Maybe there is something to hiring defensive minded coaches as head coaches. At least if they are from Alabama.

When your buried up to your eyes in a pile of shit, you can’t be too dang choosy about the arm that is willing to pull you out. Sometimes its just enough to be offered a hand to pull you out. Even if they are not going to stick around for a long time. That’s how I see Lane Kiffin. So he may have some baggage. So he may not stay at one place long. Maybe if its him he can at least get us out of the pile and washed off until we have a bit more shine and become a bit more attractive. Then again that’s my hope for anyone we hire.


Votan very good . I like your statements .

I would take him in a heartbeat. Vince Lombardi ain’t gonna rise and coach us. The coach from Wisconsin couldn’t do it here, he was a low risk hire everyone thought. Morris, good guy but bad assistants, especially both coordinators. At least kiffin would get us in doors to try to get talent and talent is what we need. If it’s him I’m for it. I’m for anyone hy hires until proven otherwise. So far I’m happy with his basketball pick. Some are already complaining about a possibility. I’m like everyone else. I have my favorites but none of us has done the background work hy has. So I suggest we give it a rest , at least wait til a coach is named

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Votan, I think if Kiffin comes an fix’s the mess we are in . I believe he would say longer then most people thank . I think he would love to get a chance ever year to beat Alabama an LSU . If he starts to win 8 , 9 ,10 games a year , he will be Worth paying more to keep him here .

Mc sorry you’re not on board with Kiffin. I know you still lobby for the Gus Bus as the most qualified on paper. Yes he just beat Bama again, but I betcha Lane would have won more games with all that Auburn bought & paid for talent.
I’ll trust HY on this gamble Kiffin or whoever, but it won’t be Gus.

  1. Who has won with the Raiders in recent memory?
  2. He took over a 5 win team and won 7 in his one year at UT
  3. Unfortunately for him he took over in the middle of the Reggie Bush sanctions and had massive scholarship losses at the time

What he has done at FAU is a minor miracle and Saban trusted him to totally change the identity of Bama’s offense.

Personally I’d be very optimistic with this hire, especially if Frank Wilson joins him

Yep! Not only did he get them bowl eligible he almost beat Bama and Saban in Tuscaloosa. Bama blocked a last second fg to win the game by 2 points. Went 4-4 in SEC play.

Just a reminder of where we are: 4-20 in the last 2 years with a 19 game SEC losing streak. Losing to Mountain West teams and C-USA teams at home. BTW…FAU and Kiffin beat WKU on the road. We lost to them by 3 TD’s at HOME.

WE ALL should be happy with who we hire because it will be a definite UPGRADE from The Chad.

Pruitt has done much worse than Butch Jones. Hard to understand any love for him. He sucks. ghg

Kiffin convinced Saban it was OK to throw a forward pass on a regular basis and he has an overall 63% winning record coaching teams in turmoil (Tenn. losing skids, USC sanctions and FAU was 9 and 29 the previous three years when he took them over… sound familiar). Best of all he desperately wants to beat Saban and that’s a good goal to build to.