Lots of smoke

Around it being Kiffin. If it is, will Kendall Briles come with him as OC?


That’s the rumor

Lots, and Lots of smoke

suppsedly a done deal that will be announced soon,will be here Sunday to hit the recrutiing trail…so we will see.

big time hire if true

Big time hire? Big time gamble based on his history.

I couldn’t agree more mchawg. He’s been at best average everywhere he’s been a head coach.

Anyone hired is somewhat of a gamble. Very limited options. Another part of that rumor is $3.75M for five years. But that’s the state of SEC football.

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Every hire is a gamble, true. Some are more gambles than others. Hope HY knows when to hold 'em, knows when to fold 'em, knows when to walk away, and knows when to run.

I’m hoping there is fire here. He would be an excellent hire.

Define excellent. He has won one bowl game as a head coach. NFL didn’t work, Tennessee didn’t work. USC didn’t work. After OC job at Alabama, only job he could get was at FAU?

I will be happy with Lane Kiffin, if this is true. He is a bit of a gamble, but is there any other coach we could currently hire that will bring the swag, charisma and attention to our program. We really need this.

The divide continues haha no matter who we get somebody is gonna get butt hurt

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I would much rather gamble on Pittman

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Kiffin just raises a lot of questions based on commitment possibly only to self. Plus what has already been listed about his coaching record/success.

I’ve laid it out before, but I’ll rehash my thoughts–and they are just mine.

Kiffin is a national recruiter–not just Texas; he can get into a home in California, North Carolina, and places in between. That is going to be important. When Texas A&M entered the SEC, it altered our recruiting footprint a bit.

I think Kiffin will be the king of the transfer portal. That guy was made for grabbing an unhappy 5 star from somewhere else who doesn’t want to wait to play.

We already know he knows how to call big games–and do it well. I think Alabama has another championship banner if he stays and calls the national championship game.

People talk about his horrible time in Tennessee. He was 7-6.
People talk about his horrible time at USC. He was under a scholarship reduction that wasn’t his fault and he still managed to accomplish this record:


That’s 28-15 (again, with scholarship reductions)

His FAU Owls are about to play for the conference championship.

I’ll be incredibly excited if it is Kiffin. However, I’m going to root and support for whoever it is.


Not really surprised! HY wanted to hire him at Houston but got overruled and they got Applewhite and you know how that turned out! This might be Kiffin last chance at a P5 school but we shall see!

Might be HY’s too if this goes bad.

If Kiffin is hired away by a better football program then that means he has righted the ship and that’s all we can ask for.

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Remember Dana Altman,