Lots of Let's Be Honest Talk

It is totally understandable that there is angst in the ranks after this miserable season that followed two other miserable seasons.
Fire the coach is the easy thought. Who would follow is the difficult question?
I think it is very clear that until they get these miserable offensive line and defensive backfield crews to play at even MAC conference levels this is not going to turn around. This team has been on a downhill slide since Denver Kirkland left prematurely for the NFL. The total failure of several highly regarded offensive linemen to reach even adequate level has kept the slide going. We have no idea how any of the other offensive groups are because the o-line weakness is insurmountable. How good is Ty Storey? I have no idea. He runs for his life and makes turnovers. That is all I really know.
We are also seeing that walk ons do not a good offensive line make. I know we have had a few make it over the years, but it is rare.
Would Sam Pittman had made this line better? Had he stayed he would have brought us better linemen than CBB could. I do know that. But CBB screwed himself by letting Chaney go (and not having a no compete clause in his contract) and losing Pittman in the aftermath. That cost him his job ultimately.
And don’t get me started on the secondary. I can’t stand to watch them play.
I love what we are doing in secondary recruiting. There is hope there. And those guys need to come in ready to play at least support roles.
It is hard to be of good cheer, but it is premature to want to dump the coach.

Anyone in favor of dumping CCM isn’t a Razorback Fan IMO. First of all, who will you get that will be willing to take over the current dumpster fire ? CCM didnt create this mess. Petrino started it & CBB finished it. CCM is staring at potentially the best recruiting class in school history. Doing it with a product on the field that couldn’t compete for the Sunbelt Conf Title. Changing the coach would seriously limit any chances of a resurgence to respectability playing in the SEC. It’s an oxymoron, but the Razorbacks are currently & firmly the door mat of SEC Football . CCM knows how to fix this, it took 7 years to get here. The 2013 team would destroy this team . It’s gonna take more than 1 year to fix it. I souls also like to state. Any underclassman on this team thinking they are NFL talent. They would be better served staying in school and upping their position through better play. I didn’t see a single player play well enough to even think NFL. Come back down to earth young man. You May have the talent, but it has not yet shown on the field in any significant fashion. Leave early and you will likely see it as a mistake in less than 5 years.