Lots of info on the Colorado State game here

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This is just me, but I’m excited to get a trip to Fort Collins, Colo. That’s basically where my friend Jeremiah Gage (along with wife Ginger, son Wyatt) live. I’ve requested a bed in his house that weekend. Who knows, maybe I’ll wet a fly line during that trip. I called Gage (and he answered on a vacation to Hawaii). He was stunned with the news, the Razorbacks are coming to see him in 2018.

They will come to see him twice. The basketball team plays there later that year, too.

Arkansas is the first of many Power 5 teams that will play at Colorado State’s new stadium in future years. Colorado, Texas Tech and Arizona all have trips planned there, and Vanderbilt is scheduled to play there twice.

Think this is an excellent replacement for a Power 5 series. Obviously, it’s not idea, but the SEC recognizes that it was something that couldn’t have been helped. Colorado State is a team Arkansas should beat, but it’s not a guaranteed win. They’d better be ready to play.

The new stadium is about 1.5 blocks from my lab and greenhouse. Gage and I look forward to hosting many of you here in CO. It is a dream really. I was looking forward to the basketball game, but this is just that much better.

The new stadium going up now looks very nice from the outside. Have no idea what it is like inside, but will get a tour later I am sure.

This will not be anything like an SEC road game, but don’t go to sleep on it either. CSU has a nice Mountain West Program. They have a decent fan base, but nothing on the order of the SEC.

CSU is a very good school in a very nice setting. Fort Collins is sort of like Fayetteville, and is the center of tremendous growth.

September is a great time to visit Colorado. The 18th should hit the peak of the annual aspen show. I suggest if you have not been, you plan a trip. Don’t miss Rocky Mountain National Park that time of year. The elk and aspens put on a show.

I know there are many hunters in the group. I believe the week before the game will be elk season for muzzle loaders and archery. You may want to consider getting a Preference Point this yr. (deadline around 1Apr.). If interested, let me know and I will go over it.

Misread the day. Thought it said 18 insead of 8. That mean muzzleloading will start the day of the game. Be the first time I have missed opening day in awhile. Also, that is just a few days ahead of the aspens, but there will still be plenty gold up high. Oh yes, Fort Collins is at around 5,400 feet in elevation. It is not bad, but it will make a difference.

Lived in Ft. Collins in a prior life many many years ago for a couple of years, then in Dillon a couple of years before i came back home. I loved Ft. Collins, I’m sure i wouldn’t recognize the place today. Fished a bunch at, i think it was, Red Feathers lake, and many streams somewhat close to Ft. Collins. CSU has a very good pharmacy school or did at the time, i knew a couple of Arkansans that went to school there. This is one i might have to attend…

House is starting fill up already. So far, have 5 requesting beds.

Talked to a few folks in the lab. They cannot believe a SEC is really coming to Collins. Amazing what that SEC tag means when you go on the road out of conference.

Mrs. Ned and I just decided.
We’ll make that trip.

Lab and greenhouse…do you participate in Colorado’s burgeoning “alternative” economy, perhaps?

No. It is interesting though. The sign on our building says “Weed Lab”. You can imagine some of the folks that stumble in wonding what sort of “good stuff” we have. I told one guy we had plenty of kochia and Canada thistle if that would help. He said he would try anything.

This is a pretty cool road trip for the Razorbacks. We look forward to hosting our friends, family, and random fans at our house for a pre-game party. We have a lot of good friends who are CSU graduates, they are excited an SEC team is coming to play them in their new stadium.

If you like beer, this will be the best road game in Razorback history.

OK, Gage, just remember I was first to request a bed. He’s got a neat house with enough room to host several. But I don’t want to be one on the couch. Got it Gage?

I found Gage in Hawaii to tell him about the game. He was in disbelief. I assured him it was really happening, the Razorbacks were coming to him. And, so was I.

I have seen Jim Daniel’s “weed” lab. He tests for invasive species and it’s pretty complex what he does and how he maps out plots. I have been the “flag guy” at some of his test areas. You put out flags in grids with numbers. Now, why would I agree to be the “flag guy” and walk hundreds of yards to set up the grid? The sooner we are done, the sooner we get to go fishing. And, he bribes me with some of the better beer from that area. New Belgium Brewery (Fat Tire) is in Fort Collins. And, there are many, many other good craft breweries in the area, including Oskar Blue in Lyons, Colo.

Then he sprays out of his back pack, with different levels and different bottles of stuff. Stuff means chemicals that will take out the invasive weeds without hurting the real crop. Just in case you didn’t know, Jim is pretty much a scientist. That may not be what he calls himself, but I know different. He reminds me a little of the sheriff in Longmire. He doesn’t say a lot, but when he does, you best be listening.

Oh, good comparison. But I think that Jim is more fun than Walt … and Jim has a better grin. :smiley:

I consider being consider like Walt Longmire an extrememly high praise. I love that show and character. I know very well where it is suppose to take place (N. WY and where it really is filmed N. NM.

I have a group of friends who were all students at Arkansas in the early 70s. Two from my hometown, and two other great pals. We keep in touch and always have a text fest going on when the Hogs are playing. We are scattered to the four winds now, Las Cruces, Tulsa, Colorado Springs, Cheyenne and San Diego, but still try to get together now and then.

Now that the USC fan and I have a house on Beaver Lake, last fall all but one of them visited for the Alabama game and we had a BBQ on our deck overlooking the lake, then attended the game. As soon as news of the CSU game broke I texted them all. Everybody is in! We will be there, likely HQ’d out of Cheyenne which is about 50 miles away.


I have seen all of the eipsodes of Longmire. When I say Jim is like Walt, I’ve studied both of them. Jim needs an old Bronco. Then, he’d be Walt.