Lots of folks not going to be happy if it’s not Kiffin

Kiffin will go from football savior to public enemy No. 1 real quick. Will he be the guy or will he be breaking lots of hearts? Guess we’ll see soon enough. WPS!

There’s no way he could fail to beat what we have had these last 3 years!
Try to be positive about a new HC. No matter what his name is.

Ummm…while I agree about being positive, several on the board said there was no way anyone could be worse than Bret…Hello Chad

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Lot of folks not gonna be happy, No Matter Who!!:crazy_face:

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

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Very true goldsurfer

Chad made Bret look better and better. I think Bielema was a good coach, but he obviously had some other issues while he was here that caused his ultimate dismissal. What a shame.

I am one of those who will be very disappointed if we don’t hire Lane Kiffin, based upon who we currently have a chance to get. If he goes to Ole Miss… and we don’t hire an outstanding coach, then this program is just about done. Maybe Kiffin has already agreed to come, but both parties can’t comment due to the game this Saturday. I hope so.

“Mercy” DOOMSDAY if we don’t hire Kiffin and he goes to Ole Miss.
Heard it here first folks!

Yeah, I guess some folks do want Kiffin bad! What a difference 2 years makes. wasn’t he like
a bad word last coaching search?

I don’t know if Kiffin will be an upgrade or not, but his name has that shock value that will get people talking. It will create interest in the future of the program. Get recruits interested. Maybe three or four coaches I can think of off the top of my head that would generate that kind of national exposure. He’s one.

Kiffin can put a staff together that will coach, teach and train! Something we are in dire need of. He has his issues but he is a football junkie! I hope it is him!
Maybe it’s over real soon.

Agreed Army…at this point I would be really bummed if not him.

He was my favorite last search too. Actually I am pretty sure my top 3 is the same as 2017.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m good w Kiffin. But I’ll leave it to HY.