Lots of empty seats in Ox-n-ford

Don’t know if its the weather, the Golden Flash-n-The Pan opponent or just apathy. I wonder how ole Gas Hog likes the Kent State Offense? So far they have not been able to put up points against the porous Ole Swiss Miss Defense, but they play at a punk rock tempo. I’ve never seen anyone run plays that fast. I still think OM is a possible win for us. If we are not beaten down to a bloody pulp physically and emotionally by then.

Maybe they dont belong in the sec

Ole miss has potentially the worst SEC defense I’ve seen in a long time, outside of Bret’s.

we keep playing this bad you will see them here(a lot last week)…cost too much to go watch a bad team.

Costs the same, win or loss. Bandwagon fans just show up when a team is winning.

How can you say anything is a possible win for Arkansas? The Hogs are on a six-quarter “what are we doing?” streak. Until I understand why things went so bad, I won’t have any idea what this team might do next. Go ahead and be optimistic if you want, that’s OK. I’m simply mystified.

Cost is the same win or lose but when the team is playing bad there’s a lot of ways you will find a way to spend your money and watch it on TV and still be just as big a fan.