Lot of teans I would rather play than Missouri

Distracting the shooter, is the only thing I can think of. But on the offensive team?

My thing is the free throw shooter had no idea what was going on. It wouldn’t have impacted his shot. I just don’t get that call in general unless it’s completely egregious. First time all season I’ve seen it called. I’ve been watching a lot of Suns basketball this year and guys stepping inside the 3-point line during a free throw is commonplace. Never gets called. Xavier Pinson snitched big time last night lol

Missouri is big and physical. We don’t match up well with them. Does it really matter? We are going to the NCAA’s…that is what we need to be ready for. No one will remember the SEC tournament a week from now unless your team wins it.

I am subscribing to the theory that if you give Muss three chances, he’ll figure out the best way to attack any opponent. Respect but not afraid of Mizzou.


Pinson has scored 23 against us in both games, so Muss’ adjustments may focus on him. What got us beat in BWA is we couldn’t throw a beachball in the ocean (26.8% from the floor) and couldn’t rebound at either end. We got 20 more shots than they did (due to 21 Misery turnovers) and it didn’t matter. Zebras were also very whistle-happy (57 total fouls). From what I’ve seen in this tournament they’re going to let both teams play.

yes and beating us in the championship game right?

Swine Mizzou fouls so much. Last night they didn’t call much of anything on either end. Muss is going to try and force the refs to make calls tonight(imo).

Last night Tilmon looked out of shape. Martin kept pulling him for quick breathers. If we can run up and down I think Tilmon will fade.

If Mizzou doesn’t hit threes tonight I think we handle them pretty easy.

Oh I agree. They’re very physical. Both teams were called for a lot of fouls at BWA; Misery had 29, we had 28. If the refs swallow their whistles, it favors them. But it does offer the opportunity to get them in foul trouble, which is probably the best way to neutralize Tilmon.

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razorblack I feel completely differently. I am very nervous about tonight’s game. Missouri IMO is one of the top 4 teams in the league when they are completely healthy. Tough matchup for us in the quarters. Oh well.

Let’s go Hogs.

We need a sharp, strong defense to slow and counter any runs they attempt. Shutting down any and all pieces of hope they try to muster will be huge for us.

I completely understand. I will be honest and say most games this year I was afraid we were going to lose until I let myself realize that Muss is a difference maker. No knock on any other coach but the man and his staff know the game.

When we were down big to Auburn at home I figured we were back where we started years ago. When that game was over I could tell the man was the real deal.

Have faith we are going to win tonight!


OK…may take a beer or two to get to where you are! Ha!

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We will have fresh legs also…look at Ms State right now with dead legs.

Yes, I was just about to post this. MS ST looks like they are jogging on the court, while Bama is sprinting. We need to push tempo, and Devo is the guy to make that happen. MO, like MS ST had a battle to the end to beat GA.

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AR Fresh legs, team has a will to win. Coach Muss and staff adjustments. Justin chip on his shoulder, Moses just play as usual, Devo bring the candy, JD best 6th man in the country, Desi-100% healthy? So need a good game from him.

Mizzu could be tired physically or they have a career night shooting? Tillman factor and fouls on each side. Refs whistles silent or loud?
No JWill to help, someone else to step up???

Going to be a tight game.

Me too. I would have rather played anyone else (other than Bama) in our opening game.

We need a sharp, strong defense to slow and counter any runs they attempt. Shutting down any and all pieces of hope they try to muster will be huge for us.
WPS! Way to go RAZORBACKS!!!

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