Lot of teans I would rather play than Missouri

They should beat GA and will be a tough Match-up for us especially if Williams is out, Great defensive team and with Tilman back they have a very good inside -outside game, they will be tournament ready so we better come out guns blazing because we fall behind big to these guys it’s over with their tough defense,They will be a very tough match-up for us

I think what helps us is having the bye. Its a quick turnaround for Georgia or Mizzou. I’m hoping that LSU loses somehow. That is the match up I worry about the most…if we make it past the first game.

Agree. I posted a couple weeks ago that the one team I hoped to avoid in the SEC tournament was MO, unless it was in the Championship game. They haven’t been playing well of late, but they sure are capable. A very experienced team.

With fresh legs we should win that first game. You guys are right I think. Without J. Williams LSU would be a challenge to beat. The hogs would need Henderson or Vance Jackson to do some work I think. Smith can’t handle them down low by himself. Connor Vanover is too much of a mismatch down low and we witnessed what would happen with him on the floor for long periods of time.

We are well rested for sure. We have to come out setting the tone, Mizzou will have worked out the kinks so should come out executing well, I love the way we’ve been playing but this is March Madness and teams somehow either play better than they have or worse and that’s why you see all these upsets

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no tigers from Mizzou!

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I don’t fear them at all,just looking how they match-up with us.

Read about David & goliath and then DECIDE which team you’re going to root for.

Which team I’m going to root for? Nothing I said sounded anything like I wasn’t rooting for the Hogs…

Although the team we face may have fresh legs, but they gain a game on this court. Wasn’t that ga that won in 2008 after playing in all the games. To me it seems these teams get on a role. Very seldom happens, but that ran across my mind.

If the hogs keep the ball moving and can make their free throws I like their chances! It will be a good game either team we play. Georgia is just as dangerous to play as Missouri! I just hope Devo brings the candy and our hogs have a strong start. If you can jump on a tired team early you can break their will to fight.

We are the better team for sure, both GA and Missouri have shot terrible so far, We control our destiny,must come out focused and don’t give them any added motivation.

Yes I’m watching them play. Georgia would be a better matchup but really it don’t matter. The hogs need to come out hungry.

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Misery wins, barely. Dumb lane violation on Jawja didn’t help.

Yep. Georgia blew it! Tired legs on Tillman neutralizes him! Maybe we can jump on them early.

Tilmon was no factor,Ga had the size to make it tough for him.

Hopefully Hogs can neutralize Tillmon like Georgia did tonight.

Neither Missouri or Georgia played well. It was an ugly game. Missouri looked lethargic and neither team is loaded with shooters. Tillmon could get a lot of 3-second violations if that is something that was called anymore.

I can’t be the only person who doesn’t understand why that rule – stepping inside the 3-point line during a free throw – is a rule in the first place. A call like that should not be one of the determining factors in a game.


It shouldn’t be especially when a player has to point it out to a ref to call it!

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