Lot of rumors swirling

That Devo may be gone

If true, I wish him well. Whether he plays in the NBA or overseas, he will be a success at no matter what he does.


There are a lot of places you can make money playing basketball… He may very well take the money.

Devo was on Randy Rainwater’s Drive Time Show at 4:30 today. He talked about the process he is going through and said he is working hard to get good feedback. He seemed focus on the process and confident. He didn’t say anything that could give me a clue of which way he is leaning.

BTW, he says his goal beyond basketball is to own a Zoo. He and Rick Schaefer had an interesting exchange about Joe Exotic and that Tiger King tigers and lions are now located in Eureka Springs.

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Carole Baskin recently bought Turpentine Creek interestingly enough.

It appears to me Baskin moved all her big cats to Turpentine Creek but did not purchase the sanctuary. In a press release she promised to financially support the cats moved.

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