Lot of negativity

There is no shame in playing three games in the CWS. One of the top two teams in the country. I will remember this team fondly.

You can be proud of the time; while also being upset and disappointed in how they finished. The other team wanted it more and showed up to play, and whipped our butts.

All I can hear is those loud footsteps of Shaddy–thump-- thump—THUMP and he over runs the ball.

TOOK all the life out our team from that point forward. Looking at each dugout for the end of that game and I saw 1 team with high emotion to NO emotion.

OSU coach on fire at times . Tonight Dave just stared at the action was going on.

As Wizard said last night maybe Dave should have calmed them down last night.

Well tonight, I think he should have been letting a few guys have it. NO FIRE IN THE BELLY!! OUT OF GAS

GAME __SET___Match

This will take the rest of my lifetime to forget. Close but NO NC!!

Nobody thinks its bad to be disappointed & frustrated. But, good lord, the way some people are talking about the team and coaches is unbelievable. We got beat by a better team after one unfortunate play kept us from being the national champions. Y’all sound like the lady who was going to quit following the team completely after we got swept by that absolutely awful Miss St team.

Be upset. Hurt. Throw things. All that is understandable, but do to say what y’all are saying about the team and coaches is just incredible after the team made teh CWS finals.

I understand where you’re coming from.

But the coaches need some criticism. We got out managed so badly today. Really upsetting to see our team come out and be completely non existent. I don’t know why after two games of very unproductive baseball we didn’t make some adjustments. Or why during the game we didn’t make some adjustments. Instead pat Casey made adjustments, and executed plays perfectly at crucial times. We sat back and watched our team go 3 up 3 down for 6 straight innings. That’s bad, really bad.

How do you make adjustments to a guy pitching like that? Do you really think our coaches are so incompetent that if there was something that could be done, they wouldn’t have tried it? Oh sure, we can question a decision here or there, but this wasn’t about decision-making or coaching. It was about hitting a buzzsaw after getting our hearts ripped out last night.

You try something, anything.

I can’t quite grasp watching guys inning after inning sit down like that and not figure something to try.

Pinch hit, do something, it’s one of those things you want to see an attempt to get something going.

Fine. Explain all that to DVH. I’m sure he’ll be hearing from lots of fans within the next few days who’ll tell him all the things he did wrong or failed to do right. I’m sure he’ll welcome your suggestions, too.

I don’t have to tell him anything.

I’m sure he’s living with his own regrets of things he should’ve tried.

I think he’s thinking a lot of the things we are, why didn’t I do this or that and try and spark something.

I hope we are a little more aggressive next year, along the lines of coaching as well as bunts, stealing bases, etc.

Shaddy is getting all the grief, but the coaches will tell you that the play was Eric Cole’s to make.

Really? Why do the coaches need criticism? The coaches didn’t let that popup fall, or swing and miss at a single breaking ball, or make throwing errors in the infield. What adjustments would you like? Put in somebody who isn’t good enough to be playing regularly and see if he can do any better? There is no “play” you can put on to get a baserunner. You either do what is needed to reach base, or you don’t. Bunting for hits? This team does not bunt well, and it’s a big part of the reason DVH played things the way he did all year (and won 48 games against the absolute toughest schedule in the country). I watched BP Tuesday and Wednesday specifically because of the complaints from the armchair coaches. Everybody laid down a bunt, or tried to. When you’re playing 69 games in 4.5 months, you don’t have a lot of practice days to work on things. You work on things in the fall, and figure out what you can do and what you can’t do. Your adjustments come from there on things like injuries and pitchers who can’t find the strike zone.

And I agree completely with DD. My view from the RF bleachers last night is that it should have been Cole’s ball. Didn’t get there because of the sore ankles, or what, I don’t know, but that play is much easier for the outfielder running over than the 2B running out.

is that some complaining - and I am not singling anyone out - are nowhere near the people that Carson Shaddy, Eric Cole, Jared Gates and Dave Van Horn are, could’t carry their jockstraps and don’t have the character those young men and DVH have.

But I do realize in today’s society that it is cool to ride the negativity train than to appreciate a team that just accomplished as much as any of the Big 3 programs have done in 24 years and before that 55 years.

They likely will play more small ball next season because they will not have the firepower that this year’s team had.

But man, they were in the final game of the college baseball season. Seems like there were doing something right to get there.

Arkansas playing flat tonight no matter what the coaches or players did was all too predictable. It would have required extraordinary perseverance to have played well tonight. You don’t see professionals shake off a loss like that for such high stakes in 24 hours.

Everybody knows thats the RF ball. He’s running into it and needs to lets everybody know to get out of the way. I’m surprised Shaddy even over ran it, most wouldn’t have even made it there

Once again, bigpop. WHAT SHOULD HE HAVE TRIED? To sac bunt, hit and run, go from first to third, things that are considered aggressive baseball, you have to have baserunners. We couldn’t get baserunners. Our best way of getting baserunners this week was to get ball four, which is the opposite of being aggressive. When we swung early in the count, we didn’t do any better than waiting for later pitches. It comes down to the pitcher pitches it and you try to hit it. Most of the season, that worked very well for us. Three games this week, it didn’t. Tip your cap to the Beavs.

I guess I’ll say t again.

I don’t care what he would’ve tried, I just wanted to see something. Anything.

Not just watching 20 straight guys get sent back.

We did have bases loaded, in the meat of the lineup, but we were also in the part that had been really struggling, I don’t think you PH HK, but at the Same time, maybe you do. He didn’t have a good outing in Omaha, seemed to have trouble picking up on the ball and pitch. But then you hope a senior in bonfield can make something happen but didnt.

It’s not any one specific thing, I just wanted and others too, to see something, some kind of change up, not letting O state completely dictate the game and own the game.

Anyone that thinks this team choked needs to do a bit of introspection. They’ve made it a personal issue when it is anything but that. A team doesn’t get to the CWS by having players that choke, much less get to the final series,oh, and win one of those final games. Be disappointed but lashing out at the team is a character flaw in this case.

I think Big Pop’s point is valid to a degree. Pat Casey was interviewed during game 1, I think, and said he had a guy try to bunt to get on because “we had to try something to change the narrative, to get a spark”…I agree. You have to try something just to get a guy on base. I would have liked to see Casey Martin try to get a bunt down for a base hit. He wasn’t even close to hitting the ball with a full swing so why not?? Then, try to swipe second. He was 8 for 9 in stolen bases this year. He should have had 20 steals this year. I hope next year they incorporate a lot more of that in his game. Stuff like that is what Big Pop is talking about…Jeff is right though in terms there is only so much DVH can do from the dugout. The players just needed to do a better job of making solid contact, trying to hit the ball up the middle, sitting on one pitch, etc…I didn’t see any of that yesterday. HK is swinging at pitch after pitch that’s head level. Biggers and Martin acted like they’ve never seen a change up before. It was bizarre and so uncharacteristic of the approach this team had at the plate all year. Just my humble opinion from a guy with O baseball coaching experience…LOL