Lost in the shuffle . . . the debut of the "H2-O'

Was happy to see them use both Hayden and Hammonds in a wildcat package, as I had predicted that we would see after our first game.

The name comes from [color=#BF0000]H[/color]ayden + [color=#BF0000]H[/color]ampton (“H2”) [color=#BF0000]O[/color]ffense.

I hope and expect to see this package used and possibly expanded a little bit as the season goes along.

There were alot of positives today. Except for the devastating fact that we lost. And lost Jared for the season I suspect. The running game showed signs. Johnny back at guard helps the run game. And I loved the H2) AND the Tebow packages.

I didn’t know Devwah had been playing with a hurt ankle. That explains alot there. The running backs look good. We gotta leann to stay in bounds in the endzone at the TE positin. My goodness.

I gotta watch the replay but I suspect we are still getting hurt at one safety spot…and gashed from being inexperienced in this new defensive scheme. I do think its the right way to go long term. If there is a long-term for this staff. I still hope so. But they gotta notch some W’s.

Good post, WPS

OU had the “Bell-dozer” package a few years ago. I think we should call this wildcat, short yardage package for #15 either the “Cole-vinator” or “Kell-vinator”.


I know, I know . . . enough with the “cute” names. Sundays after a loss are crap. One amuses oneself the best way one can.