Lost in the salary feeding frenzy

Is the news we got a transfer DL from LSU

It’s also on SDS


Is anyone really pumped about this kid? He appears to be more of a warm body, than a difference maker based on history. I trust the staff and know they are working the roster, but this kid feels a lot more risk than reward. Am I off track here?

I think you’re off track. He was a top 125 recruit according to 247. He signed with LSU because of his relationship with Orgeron, and now that O is gone, he has no ties to the new regime. He had injury problems last season but did play in five games.

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I hope I am wrong! Playing in five games and no stats, then transferring with injury problems raises a red flag. However, the dude has ability and the size to turn into a monster DE. I wasn’t really impressed with Ridgeway either, so that shows what I know.

If Orgeron isn’t fired, Landon’s still at LSU. They thought enough of him that they played him in five games which burned his redshirt; if he were completely not ready to play, he would have shirted.

One of the knocks on him in high school was an injury history (torn ACL among other things), but that’s football and sometimes people get hurt. Watched somebody roll up on Jason Peters’ leg last night and he missed the rest of the game. The human ankle is not designed to go in the direction Peters’ ankle did.


Good point about playing in five games and burning his redshirt. That makes me feel better about his readiness.

ESPN rated him a 4-star prospect, the No. 8 defensive end and No. 78 overall prospect in the nation for the 2021 class. We would have loved to sign him out of high school. Now no one seems to want him. Good pickup. I’m pumped about this kid!

According to an LSU site, his play in '21 was mainly on special teams, so the lack of stats is not too surprising (with his size, he may have been used on the field goal block team, for instance). I looked up the LSU participation stats. He played in their first five games, then not again, which leads me to believe that was due to injury.

Assuming his height and weight is now accurate, if he gains 20-30 # he could be Ridgeway #2 assuming he has strength of the first Ridgeway.

It’s a good pickup for a need position… he’s big and fast, at least before the injuries.

They played him on special teams. He is an extraordinary talent who had some injuries last season. I do not think LSU wanted to lose him.

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