Lost in the hubbub about Sarah Fuller

Is that Misery is punking Vandy pretty badly. They have a lot of people out, but Misery hasn’t given them anything, and their one decent drive ended in a fumble. Still hoping Sarah will at least get to try a field goal though.

My suspicion is, since Sarah has never played in a football game before, Derek Mason was not going to allow a situation where she might have to make a tackle or even fend off a blocker. Thus the squib kick, which looked very much like the technique for a goal kick.

I didn’t know if that was a squib kick or just how far she was able to kick the football. I’ve never seen her kick a soccer ball & don’t have the slightest clue about the differences one can expect from kicking one or the other.

I watched the SEC tournament final last week and she was kicking a soccer ball 60+ yards. It’s not entirely the same but not hugely different either.

she is 6 foot plus and strong on goal kicks and punts in soccer, definitely a squib. I would have bet on her as an EP kicker and limited range FG tryer. I commented multiple times about the advantage Vandy had over us in soccer for kicks by the goalie, she is not Hope Solo and is not really up to pro women goalies but she is what she is. I’m tired of Derek (the epitome of Leo Durocher observations about nice guys finish last) and want Ricky Rahne back at Vandy as HC. This would have been a reason to keep Derek if Sarah were successful.

As a girl dad, I thought it was simply cool.


Derek Mason said in the postgame presser that the squib was exactly what they had planned, that it was closest to what she had been doing on the soccer field.

Some of my favorie memories involve watching my daughter compete against boys in baseball and soccer. My favorite moment, was when she was 11 and had moved beyond the YMCA league to a more competitive league. The first time she came into a game to pitch, was epic. You could hear the kids on the other team gleefully laughing that the girl was about to pitch. First batter up was a cocky young dude who actually pointed at the fence with his bat, calling a home run. He wound up crawling back to the dugout with his tail between his legs after my Emma struck him out on 3 pitches!


Can we abolish Title 9 now?

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That ain’t happening. But I’m not surprised you want to go back to the bad old days,

Just wondering, The NCAA rule says if a player is on athletic scholarship and the play another sport along with football, they have to be on football scholarship. Does this also count in this case?

As far as I know, yes. But Vandy may not have 85 on scholie.

Let her make a tackle or get tackled and we have something to talk about.

Seems to me having a young lady kicking in a game is pretty historic. Deserves all the attention she’s getting.

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She’s not the first to kick or play college fb, just the first for a power 5 school.

She participated and got a trophy. That is about it.


Maybe, just maybe, most of you will come back and join the rest of us in reality. She did not play in a game which is why they squib kicked it. She participated. The lengths some will go to say this “is the first time” something has ever happened is outrageous. I am all for everyone chasing their dreams but come on. This is a publicity stunt and nothing more by an elitist school.

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I loved this moment. And I was all for Title IX, it was necessary and led to great advances for women (and by living in a better world, men). But it did have some unintended consequences. Correct me if I am wrong, but my memory is that in order to implement Title IX, to get dollars spent on men’s and women’s sports more equal, Arkansas dropped men’s soccer. I don’t think Title IX was enacted to do something like that. Keep women’s soccer, drop men’s soccer, that’s not equality, that’s crazy (except to keep the expense of football and still make expenditures for men vs. women not look so out of whack—guess that’s crazy as a fox).

I’ve been watching Vandy off and on for 48 years and today was the worst team I’ve saw them muster.

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It was not her fault that she did not get to attempt a more meaningful kick. The Vandy Offense was just pitiful. I would have liked to have seen her at least attempt a p.a.t. Will she kick in Vandy’s next game?

She can kick a football further than that. I promise that.

I saw my daughter kick a football 40 yards with ease. She is 5-3. Now she had perfect mechanics and strong leg.

She handled corners and restarts for her college team.

In high school she handled field goals in a powder puff game and the boys coaching begged Charlie Cooper (Rogers football coach and Sam Pittman’s high school coach) to let her kick in games. She did not want to do it and neither did Charlie. Too easy to ruin a college scholarship with a fluke hit.

I thought it would have been neat to let her kick in a football game but I was not consulted.

They had a kicking game set up at a Cotton Bowl party when she was out of college. It was equal to a 30 yard field goal. Her kicks were midway up a regulation goal post. A couple of coaches figured her range was about 40. And that was after she stopped playing.

The idea here is that a top end college girl soccer player can easily kick field goals.