Lost Dog in Gentry

I hope you all wont mind the post.

My dog went missing today. I posted this add on craigslist. If you are in gentry or know someone, can you please share the link with them?


Thank you

I see another dog in the pic. He or she still there?

Yeah, the brown one is.

The electric company was doing a lot of tree trimming and I think the white dog freaked out and got out of the yard.

So sorry. It would kill me. Hope you find her/him. Labs normally do not run off and are extremely loyal. Something had to scare her. Hopefully, she will be at your door soon.

I had a black one (before the one I have now) who found a “girl friend” who was very interested in him. After a few days, she lost interest and he came home. Hope he enjoyed that “visit” becasue after a visit to the vet, he lost interest in girls.

Have no idea if that is it, but just an idea.

Really hope you find her. I know how it can hurt.

Thank you for the good wishes.

Our male lab is a runner. The female, his sister, is not. Sometimes while I’m feeding them – always in the garage – my wife comes home and hits the garage opener. The male runs. He makes one loop around the neighborhood to mark some spots, then loops back. It takes 10 minutes. So far he has not gone to the highway. He stays out of the street to make his loop and it’s through three cul de sacs and he’s back. He’s dark brown. So at night, you don’t see him in the yards. I can go in my truck and stop and he’ll run to get in. But usually, I don’t see him. I’ll be looking for him and give up. I go back and he’s sitting in the garage wondering why his bowl of food is gone. His sister stayed and ate both. She’s smart.

Hope this has a happy ending.

Thanks Clay. For the story and the best wishes.

My all time heart-dog was a German Shorthaired Pointer named Shades. (That is her picture as my avatar.) She had extensive obedience training. When she got loose, which was not often, she turned off her hearing and her comprehension of the word “Come.”

Yet if I got in the van and drove up beside her, she greeted me as though she had been looking for me. It caused me to add a few grey hairs, but luckily I always got her back. Sadly, I was not so lucky with her daughter, who ran off one day and was never found.

I hope your dog is found and quickly.

Thank you ma’am. I will be purchasing GPS collars for my babies and paying the monthly fee now. I cant let my wife go through this again.

We have him back. Murphy was hanging out with some folks down the road. a couple of kids taking care of him. He is really stinky. Apparently he took the opportunity to roll in cow poo.

Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes. Ill be getting GPS locators for them both now.

Great news. We have a chocolate lab who we basically treat like a child. I couldn’t imagine losing her.

Been watching thread awaiting a plus outcome. Congrats.