Lost a Q1 win last night

LSU dropped from 30th to 31st (Maryland passed them after beating Sparty by 18). So that means beating them at BWA is no longer Q1. We’re still 10-5 against Q1-Q2 opponents which is pretty good (Ohio State is 11-7 for instance; Texas Tech is 5-8).

The NET is looking mighty suspect these last couple weeks. They now have Colgate as the #9 team in their rankings. Without that, we’d still have a 6th Q-1 win (LSU is #31). Colgate, rightfully so, has not received a single vote in any polls. They have played just 12 games all season, none against Quad-1 with a Q-3 loss? Time to tweak the NET???

Colgate has been high in the NET all season; this isn’t anything new. Their league decided not to play NC games at all, so it’s not their fault. They also haven’t met the NCAA minimum of 13 games for tournament eligibility, but their first game in the conference tournament will get them there.

NET was not designed for a pandemic. So if you tweak it now, what happens when we get back to normal schedules?

C’mon now. Do you still believe that Colgate would be in the top 50 college teams if they had played their complete schedule without winning a single game that would qualify as a Q-1 win. They have only played 2 games that qualify as a quad 2 win. And, they lost a Q-3 game. They have played games against only 3 different teams this season - Boston U (6-0) , Holy Cross (2-0), and Army (3-1).

After looking at their schedule, honestly, they shouldn’t even be listed in any rankings, nor be eligible for the NCAA Tournament with that schedule. Play one team 6 times!?

Just keep winning. None of this will matter.


No I don’t. But the NET anomaly (which the committee is free to ignore) does not mean you have to tweak the formula. The Patriot League can run its season however it sees fit, and if they want to mandate no NC games and only playing three teams, they can. The only NCAA requirement is that they play 13 games, which Colgate will. Is Colgate gonna get an at-large bid if they lose in the conference tournament? No way.

What the Patriot League did is split up into three divisions to reduce travel. And each team only plays teams in its division, except for Army and Navy. They let Army and Navy play a few NC games (including Army’s relatively close loss to Florida at Mohegan Sun) but that was it for the NC; they also let Army play Navy because, well, that’s what Army and Navy do

I’m not gonna get bent out of shape about it. Whether LSU is 30th or 31st, it’s still a win against a tournament-quality team.

Aka “who gives a damn”

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