Lost A Good One Friday

My wife’s dad passed away Friday from strokes and general decline after a few days with hospice. Originally from Benton, he graduated at La Tech then got his masters and PhD at LSU( I know… this was his only flaw). Most of you who attended a game in Tiger Stadium knew him as The Golden Voice of Tiger Band where he announced pregame and halftime shows from 1966-1998 and retired after his first grandson was born in ‘98.
He was a GREAT listener and oozed genuine kindness, both qualities we need more of today.
I will wear a purple tie at his service this week in his honor. RIP Jim.


I do recall that voice. Pretty sweet legacy. Sorry for your loss.

You are correct, a good listener is rare these days. I have tried to work on that in my own life (along with the kindness trait). Those are skills that I need to improve…

My condolences for your loss.

I attended many games in Tiger Stadium through the years, and we sat in the row behind the Golden Girls with the band parents that wanted to attend…that VIEW was distracting if you wanted to watch the game! I saw LSU beat Florida under Spurrier the year after Florida’s NC and it was electric that game(much like the Texas game last week). I recall my partner, then freshman fullback Tommy Banks from West Monroe, clocking the FLA LB at the goalie for an early TD in that game…and everyone in town has a copy of that picture and gets him to sign it.

It was torture attending a LSU-Arkansas game with the LSU band because I couldn’t wear my Hog stuff and I had to basically sit on my hands and not cheer for the Hogs or I’d get hit with a tuba or wind instrument behind me!

I found out this week talking with family that he started out as a DJ at some small radio stations around north Louisiana while earning his undergraduate degree at Tech, and that smooth voice later blessed a lot of LSU fans for 32 years.

I’m very sorry for your loss. He sounds like a wonderful man.

So sorry for your loss. My father in law was a huge influence on my life. We watched many Hog games together. Prayers for you and your family.

Sorry for your loss. He sounds like he left this earth with a lasting positive legacy. My dad died in my freshman year in Fayetteville(1/1/66). Clobbered me rather hard. Over many wonderful years I grew to love my father-in-law and he had a strong influence on me and I miss him greatly and he is frequently in my thoughts. I am thankful to have had him in my life. We miss good people.

So sorry for your loss

Prayers for you and yours. I’m very sorry.

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