Losing to Ole Miss is rock bottom...

Losing to the team I detest the most is just hard to take. They play with no class. They tried to injure our guys, just like they did Mississippi State and Nick Fitzgerald last year when his ankle was dislocated in the Egg Bowl. It was a winning strategy…trying to concuss Ty Storey. I have seen them play like this before. I am surprised their coach puts up with it. I bet that guy that messed with our number 44 won’t try that again. Does Coach Morris know how we feel about those folks? If not, somebody please tell him.

I always gave Coach Bielema a pass cause he wore Ole Miss out. Chad is not getting a pass this year from me. We snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

You and I are one in the same. I can put up with losing but not losing to Ole Miss. It is hard to explain but I gave Bielema a pass the last few years because he kept beating Ole Miss. I cannot stand them. These coaches continue to not impress with their poor decision making when the game is on the line. I know we had some key players go down but Ole Miss is terrible on defense. There was no excuse to lose that game. The football season ended for me on Saturday. How can we not figure out how to play pass defense or cover a running QB? This happens year after year no matter who is running the defense. It’s a mystery that may never be answered. Pitiful.

Bielema got a pass because we beat Ole Miss? You’ve earned your $4mm salary because you beat the Rebels?


You obviously don’t understand my point. I understand he wasn’t getting it done and deserved to be fired…but I really have no emotion invested in this team anymore except beating Ole Miss. That is how bad it has become for me. I just don’t care except for the Ole Miss game.

Too each his own, but if your season is made with an Ole Miss win or gutted with an Ole Miss loss I just don’t get it.

They are an SEC opponent and someone we need to beat more than we lose to as the program develops, but as this thing builds they are not the benchmark for the program’s success. Much bigger fish to fry.

Cantrell - 44 - had a big penalty.

The messing with part is not something you do after the whistle or you cost your team 15 yards and likely a chance to win the game.

Rock Bottom was losing to The Citadel, Louisiana-Monroe, North Texas.

Not losing to Ole Miss.

What about the play of Ole Miss…how they acted and how they tried to injure Storey and did injure Boyd?

Come on, Dudley…it works both ways.

Good grief

Too many fans giving coaches “passes” for beating the Ole Miss type teams of the world is in part why we are where we are… low expectations = poor results.

Jackson, I get you are okay with Ole Miss. But I am not. You gotta beat the Ole Miss’ of the world before you can beat the Alabamas’ or LSUs’. You can’t stand Bret Bielema…we all get it…I can’t stand Ole Miss. Losing to the worst team in our division is not fun for me, especially the team I hate the worst. We could have, probably should have won…I am pissed.

For me it’s not that we lost to OM, but that we lost to OM the very same way we lost to everybody else the last 2 years. PLAYING NOT TO LOSE on both sides of the ball in the 2nd half.

And, it’s even worse with CCM and this new staff because they came in preaching, at the top of their voices, that we were now “left lane, hammer down” on both sides of the ball. In Little Rock last night Morris and Chavis became Beliema and Rhoads and the results were the same ol’, same ol’. Once again, this loss was at least 90% on the coaches.

Thank God, Razorback basketball gets started this Friday night! I’ll probably have calmed down enough to even stay over for the football game Saturday. At least for the 1st half.

Good points, Harley. That is very frustrating to lose like we did. Ole Miss is probably not any more talented than we are, except for the quarterback position. We were playing at home, at least in front of a Hog crowd. The coaches just played not to lose on both sides of the ball that 2nd half.

This game reminded me of the Texas game we lost under Coach Hatfield, that effectively caused him to quit. You could see that Texas loss coming the whole 2nd half, just like last night. Why not play aggressive football on both sides of the ball? If you are going to lose, at least go down swinging. They just pounded poor Ty Storey. We hardly laid a glove on the Hawaiian.

Huh ? I’m okay with losing to Ole Miss ? No I’m not. I could not stand Bert because he lost too much and created a culture of no accountability which led to too much losing. I hate losing and am never okay with it!

I’m glad youre pissed about things … should be! Things suck, have sucked, and will continue to suck before things get better.

What blew me away is you said you gave Bert a pass because me managed to beat Ole Miss more often than not… that’s nuts to me. Anybody giving Bielema a pass for beating Ole Miss or anybody else for that matter when his overall body of work sucked is a problem. A big problem when fans are okay with coaches that perform poorly as a whole, but do well against certain teams.

Stupid personal fouls and the failure to tackle cost last night. Players that don’t understand how to win! That’s the problem. We can’t even snap the ball! We are improving that’s what I want to see.
Some of the seniors departure from this team may very well be the improvement needed!

I would say that Ole Miss had the best quarterback, best wide receivers and the best offensive line in the game last night.

Losing attitudes and players long conditioned to losing need to be flushed ASAP.

Nebraska going through same thing - had Northwestern beat and collapsed.

Losing is a habit

I think losing to Tulsa on Saturday will top the loss to the Citadel.

There’s absolutely no doubt that OM had the best QB and WRs. Clearly, their OL was best at pass blocking. We still had a 10 point lead at the end of the half.

In the 2nd half, OM was playing 2 players in their secondary that were back-up RBs at the start of this season. We didn’t appear to have any plan in the 2nd half to take advantage of what should have been big mismatches for our receivers. That was probably the most disappointing thing to me about the 2nd half game plan and the resultant loss. All we needed was one TD in the 2nd half to win the game.

I would say we had the best defense and the best running backs. What is your point?

Ole Miss is not any better than we are. We should have won the game.

Ummmm…WE are the worst team in our division, not Ole Miss.

And Bielema DOES NOT GET A PASS FOR BEATING OLE MISS. That’s just dumb. So you were ok with going 1-7 in the SEC last year because Bielema beat Ole Miss. Wow!