Losing plays

As games are played at anytime there are wins and losses. The punt that ends in a personal foul is a prime example. A fair catch and a cheap shot by our coverage. That’s part of what has to change.

CCM sent him to the locker room.

CCM sent Dalton to the locker room. That’s quite a message! That should get the attention of the team. Dumb penalties and you’ll pay the price!

That’s where he belongs!

loved it…that foolishness will get you beat and we don’t any help in that category.

As Barney would say “Nip it in the bud” and that’s what CCM did and it was a statement move. Having discipline as a player is a attribute that all good teams have throughout the roster, hope he has learned his lesson and comes back better. WPS


CCM sent him to the locker room.

[/quote]The Tulsa player probably said something first; but, just the same, players should ignore what is said rather than to get a 15 yard penalty.


Doesn’t work to well when you trash talk to the ref though.

Reminds me of the Neanderthal move Pulley made last week as our game was ending to get a personal foul. The game was OVER - have some self control!

Watched LSU and MSU last night. Talk about lack of discipline. Devon White is out for the first half of the Bama game for targeting and two ther players received unsportsmanlike penalties for acting fools on the same play. 45 yards in penalties on one play. Never saw that before.

I thought that targeting call was bogus. But the two LSU guys acting fools after the play was really dumb. Coach O should have sent those 2 to the locker room!

1st time I ever seen a team penalized half the field, since the pass interference calls were changed to 15 yard penalty instead of at the spot of the foul.

Self-control probably isn’t in the PC lexicon, that hits
too close to personal responsibility.

Our team dynamic is being noticeably improved upon.
It certainly appears we have a top flight coaching staff.
I hope we can hold onto our Strength&Conditioning coach.
The players seem to love and respect him.